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SeaSoft Ankle Weights are the Best!

'We don't cut corners," says Bruce of Seasoft. We make SeaSoft Ankle Weights using the best Quality Materials and Workmanship;" Seasoft use High Quality, Medium Density Neoprene with a Curved, and High Strength Side-Release. Squeeze-Style" Quick-Release Buckle for an Anatomical Fit. There is a Lifetime Warranty on all Buckles and other Plastic Parts; you send it to Seasoft and they will Replace the Broken Buckle and send it back to you by UPS Prepaid. Nobody else offers this kind of service.

SeaSoft Ankle Weights are an Important-Part of a Diver's Total-Weighting-System. Now, what size of SEASOFT Ankle Weights is right for you?

1) Your Diving Position is Important to Good Diving Since water is 800 times Denser than Air, Less-Drag and Resistance is Crucial in Saving Air and Extending Bottom Time. If your Legs are too High then there will be Increased Drag. When your Legs are to High this will Slow-you-Down and Cause-Fatigue. Correct your Position with SeaSoft Ankle Weights.

2) Many Divers, Especially Women, have Short Waists. The Weights in your BC or on your Weight Belt are closer to your head than they are on divers with longer waists. Therefore, the Weight, Push-your-Upper-Body Down and your Legs Up, causing unnecessary Drag, SeaSoft Ankle Weights will take some of this Weight Off-the-Waist Area and will move it down to the Ankles, putting your body in a Correct-Horizontal-Position.

3) Dry Suit Divers frequently require Ankle Weights because the Legs of a Dry Suit are Filled with Air. The result is the Legs want to Float-Up. SeaSoft Ankle Weights add Negative Buoyancy to the Ankles and help bring the Legs Down into a Correct-Horizontal-Position. SeaSoft Ankle Weights, Tough, Comfortable and with a size just right for you! SEASOFT's 1 .5 lb (0.68 kg) each Ankle Weights are the most popular selling size of Ankle Weight. Popular with both Shell (bag) and Neoprene Dry Suit Divers, SEASOFT 1.5 lb (0.68 kg) Ankle Weight is used to offset the Extra Buoyancy of the Air found in the Legs of most of the popular Dry Suits used today.

All SEASOFT Ankle Weights use a Top Quality 3 mm Medium Density Neoprene designed for long lasting wear and abrasion resistance. SEASOFT uses size 7.5 Lead Shot that has been Tumbled-in-Black-Graphite to Coat the Lead with Several-Layers against Corrosion to Protect You-and-the-Environment. All SEASOFT Ankle Weights are warranted for 4 years against any Lead coming out on any seam. The SEASOFT Ankle Weights are available in 2 lb, 3 lb, 4 lb and 6 lbs (0.91, 1.36, 1.83 and 2.73 kg) increments per pair Weights are Black in color.

Key Features

  • SeaSoft Ankle Weights are the Best!
  • Best Quality Materials and Workmanship
  • High Quality, 3 mm Medium Density Neoprene
  • Curved, and High Strength Side-Release Squeeze-Style" Quick-Release Buckle for Anatomical Fit
  • 7.5 Lead Shot Tumbled-in-Black-Graphite for Corrosion Protection and Protect You-and-the-Environment
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Buckles and Plastic Parts
  • 4 Year Warranty on Loss of Lead from Seams
  • Important-Part of a Diver's Total-Weighting-System
  • Diving Position is Important to Good Diving
  • Less-Drag and Resistance is Crucial in Saving Air and Extending Bottom Time
  • Ankle Weights Lower Legs to Correct your Position
  • Short Waist People: Removes Lead from Waist, Improves Position for Efficient Diving
  • Great for Dry Suit Divers: Legs of a Dry Suit are Filled with Air, Lowers Legs to Correct your Position
  • Ankle Weights Add Negative Buoyancy to Ankles, Bring Legs Down into Correct-Horizontal-Position
  • SeaSoft Ankle Weights, Tough and Comfortable
  • Long Lasting Wear and Abrasion Resistance
  • Weight Increments (Pair): 2 lb, 3 lb, 4 lb and 6 lbs (0.91, 1.36, 1.83 and 2.73 kg)
  • Color: Black

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 939-5510