Sea & Sea MX-10 35mm Auto Focus Underwater Camera Kit w/YS-40A Strobe

Sea & Sea MX-10 35mm Auto Focus Underwater Camera Kit w/YS-40A Strobe Features

What's in the box: MX-10 Camera, YS-40A Strobe

The MX-10 is a compact, lightweight amphibious camera that is ideal for diving, snorkeling, rafting, and all other outdoor activities It is simple to use, versatile, affordably priced, and is the perfect camera for novice photographers The MX-10 is a compact, lightweight 35mm camera that is the ideal companion for all outdoor activities The MX-10 is completely waterproof Designed for divers, it performs as well as at 100 feet as it does on the surface, and it incorporates a 32mm focus-free lens and built-in flash

The YS-40A strobe has been manufactured exclusively for use with the MX-10 camera It is equipped with a built-in sensor that automatically delivers the proper exposure for perfectly illuminated images

Key Features

  • Built-in focus-free 32mm lens
  • Automatic film loading, advance and rewind
  • Shutter speed fixed at 1/100 second
  • Built-in flash for indoors, outdoors, or underwater
  • Exterior mount lets you add on or take off accessory lenses underwater
  • Constructed of non-corrosive polycarbonate
  • Strobe Features
  • Built-in prism diffuser delivers a 80° x 70° beam.
  • Infrared optical triggering synchronizes strobe with camera shutter.
  • No cords or cables, therefore no chance of leakage at the flash connection.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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