Sea & Sea DX 350D Housing For Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital Camera

Sea & Sea DX 350D Housing For Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital Camera

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Sea & Sea DX 350D Housing For Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital Camera Features

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SEA & SEA's DX-350D has been engineered exclusively for EOS Digital Rebel XT/350D, Canon's contender for camera of the year in the amateur, affordable class Constructed of a tried-and-true combination of durable aluminum alloy and lightweight polycarbonate, it handles with comfort and ease underwater Ergonomic configuration of controls puts all the camera's basic and creative functions within easy reach The modified shutter release lever is hyper-sensitive and responsive The viewfinder offers corner-to-corner viewing and clear readouts of camera data The built-in separately-powered leak sensor signals your attention in the event of leakage SEA & SEA's unique quick shoe feature enables hassle-free camera assembly and removal Equipped with circuitry for a shutter-activated focus light, the DX-350D housing excels at macro photography It is also equipped with two 5-pin N-connectors for dual strobe imaging and is compatible with the full range of NX ports The DX-350D, extensive capabilities and straightforward execution, just right for neophytes

Key Features

  • Smaller and lighter than prior housings for Canon cameras, the DX-350D is so compact that its outer dimensions approximate those of the camera
  • The front case is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy that is at once sleek and rugged.
  • Supports all of the Digital Rebel XT/350D functions critical for underwater imaging.
  • Employs a 0.66x pickup viewfinder, with corner-to-corner clarity and easy camera data viewing.
  • The new and improved shutter release lever responds fast and flawlessly for lightning quick capture you often need underwater.
  • Accommodates most NX lens ports and accessories for NX housings.
  • The built-in quick shoe makes camera / housing installation and removal tool free and easy.
  • The port lock mechanism assures a safe and secure port mount.
  • Two strobe connectors employed as standard (5-pin N connectors).
  • Three heavy-duty locking latches prevent accidental disengagement of the cases.
  • Built-in leak sensor signals an alarm if moisture is detected.
  • Equipped with an accessory bulkhead connector to dedicate a shutter-activated focus light.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(562) 498-3708

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