Sea & Sea DX D200 Housing For Nikon D-200 Digital Camera

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About Sea & Sea DX D200 Housing For Nikon D-200 Digital Camera

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SEA & SEA's innovative design of the DX-D200 housing puts a tough aluminum body in a compact package that's easy to carry The DX-D200 is filled with features to make your underwater photography a pleasure

The DX-D200 housing is built of a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy coated with hard alumite for a more rigid body It's designed to fit the camera snugly so it's compact and lightweight Its high-quality leather-toned outer surface offers improved resistance to corrosion and abrasion, a durable surface that you can use for years in tough environments

On the back, a newly designed pickup viewfinder brings every corner of the camera frame into clear view You can easily sense when the shutter is pressed halfway to activate features without tripping the shutter Inside, a leak sensor keeps watch for water inside the housing

The DX-D200 comes standard with two type-N strobe connectors (2-pin and 5-pin) that are compatible with the popular SEA & SEA Series-YS strobes The 5-pin connector accepts the optional TTL converter for Nikon cameras that enables automatic TTL flash adjustment for accurately lit flash photography The DX-D200 is also compatible with SEA&SEA NX ports used by the NX housing series

The DX-D200 brings one of Nikon's most popular digital SLR cameras along with you to capture the highlights of your dive

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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Sea & Sea DX D200 Housing For Nikon D-200 Digital Camera Features

  • The tough aluminum body is compact, very close in size to the cameras dimensions, and is easy to hold stable underwater.
  • The front and rear halves of the body are both made of a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy improved and enhanced for better rigidity and handling.
  • The pickup viewfinder,a key element for digital SLR photography,magnifies 0.66x for clearer framing.
  • The new shutter lever is sensitive and provides clear feedback for the finger.
  • Two type-N strobe connectors (2-pin and 5-pin) come standard with the housing.
  • The housing is compatible with NX lens ports and other NX accessories.
  • The housing controls provide most of the Nikon D200 features underwater.
  • The quick shoe makes it easy to insert and remove the camera.
  • The port lock mechanism prevents the port from coming free.
  • The locking latches prevent accidental housing opening.
  • The leak sensor tells you immediately if water gets into the housing.
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