Sea & Sea Compact Digital Tray and Flex Arm Set

Sea & Sea Compact Digital Tray and Flex Arm Set Features

What's in the box: Compact Digital Tray 12" (30 cm) and Compact Digital Flex Arm

Positioning of your artificial lighting when taking pictures can make the difference between good and badly lit photographs The Sea & Sea Compact Digital Tray and Arm can make this difference The Tray attaches to the Camera Housing as a platform for attachment of the Flex Arm The Tray is made out of corrosion resistant Aluminum and attaches to the housing with a threaded thumb screw The Flex Arm utilizes flex bead" components which provide the necessary holding power yet effortless repositioning of the light The more beads the more unique positioning of your lighting can be acquired

The Arm is made from corrosion proof and resistant materials for long life and durability The Arm measures 12" (30 cm) in length and has 8-adjustment points allowing you to create unique lighting effects This versatile lighting arm is a lightweight plastic arm that is great for the traveling underwater photographer

Key Features

  • Sea & Sea Compact Digital Tray and Flex Arm Set
  • Tray:
  • Durable Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
  • Threade Thumb Screw Attachment
  • Platform for Attachment of Flex Arm
  • Flex Arm:
  • Flex Bead Design
  • 8-Adjustment Points
  • Bends at Every Flex Bead
  • Effortless Repositioning of your Light
  • Attaches Strobe or Video Light to Housing Tray
  • 12" (30 cm) Length
  • Versatile Lighting Arm
  • Lightweight Great for Travel
  • Material: Corrosion Proof Plastic