Suunto "Vytec DS" Hoseless Wrist Air/Nitrox Computer with Transmitter

Suunto "Vytec DS" Hoseless Wrist Air/Nitrox Computer with Transmitter Features

What's in the box: Wrist Computer, Transmitter

If you demand the most out of your dive equipment and expect nothing but the best, look no further than Suunto's VYTEC DS hose-less dive computer This computer reinforces Suunto's dedication to produce the most feature-rich computers available Building on the reliable and easy-to-use Vyper and Cobra, the Vytec DS offers additional features such as multi-gas switching optional wireless tankpressure transmission, multiple decompression options The VYTEC DS keeps you in charge of your diving experience knowledge is power With the VYTEC DS, you have all of the power you could hope for

The Suunto Vytec DS enables the technically oriented diver to switch gases during the dive When in Nitrox mode the user can preset up to three different gas mixes containing from 21% to 99% oxygen Preferred gas mixes can be stored as defaults, and can be set ON or OFF for each dive, or modified as needed

The Suunto Vytec DS provides easy and reliable gas switching between enabled gases during the dive Gas switching is allowed only for gases that lie within chosen maximum PO2 limits CNS and OTU values are displayed using an Oxygen Limit Fraction (OLF) bar graph

The Vytec DS is available as a complete package, including the wireless transmitter that is attached to the regulator high pressure port The wireless operation can easily be enabled or disabled in the Vytec D S's settings With the wireless transmission enabled, the Vytec DS displays tank pressure and calculates remaining air time based on current gas consumption The wireless transmission can be used in Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes The pressure transmitter is 4500 PSI compatible, and has user replaceable batteries In the Gauge mode, the Vytec DS works as a bottom timer also providing accurate profile sampling and book marking functions The dive timer can be reset and displays the dive time in minutes and seconds, a feature extremely useful for timing accurate bottom times and decompression stops

The Vytec DS, like all Suunto computers, uses the Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) algorithm for decompression calculations And this computer also features an additional Suunto innovation a user adjustable RGBM function to dampen the repetitive dive impact during multiple dives over multiple days During set-up, the user selects either the RGBM 100 routine, or the more aggressive RGBM 50 routine

The Suunto "Vytec DS" Hoseless Wrist Air/Nitrox Computer with Transmitter is commonly used for Recreation, Warm Water, Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Professional and more. The Suunto "Vytec DS" Hoseless Wrist Air/Nitrox Computer with Transmitter is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver among others. The Suunto "Vytec DS" Hoseless Wrist Air/Nitrox Computer with Transmitter is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Suunto "Vytec DS" Hoseless Wrist Air/Nitrox Computer with Transmitter: Easy To Operate, Easy To Read, Lots Of Functions, Reliable.

Key Features

  • Three (3) operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge
  • Gas switching (3 mixes 21-99%)
  • Built-in dive simulator
  • Audible safety alarms
  • Dive log memory for post-dive analysis
  • RGBM deep stop algorithm
  • Optional PC interface

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.