SeaQuest Pro QD + BCD with SureLock weight system

SeaQuest Pro QD + BCD with SureLock weight system Features

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If you're serious about diving and your dive gear, then look no further than theAqualung Pro QD BCD It is the perfect marriage of functionality, design, and durability

The Pro QD's internal harness evenly distributes the weight of your gear, keeping you from getting sore spots and isolated muscle strain and fatigue Additionally, the patented 3-D internal gusset offers a great deal of lift; keeping you from getting weighed down by your gear

This BCD is weight integrated, but also has two non-releasable rear weight pockets that hold up to 10 pounds In an emergency, a diver may have to dump his or her weight Dumping 100% of that weight could be catastrophic; but retaining some weight in the rear pockets, an emergency ascent can keep from becoming an uncontrolled ascent

Whatever the task you throw at it, the Pro QD is ready and eager to take it on

The Aqualung people know comfort is crucial when designing dive gear That's why they incorporated neutrally-buoyant padding in the design of the Pro QD It cushions your body while not affecting your weight requirements The adjustable chest strap is another comfort feature offered by the Pro QD to increase your BCD's fit and your personal comfort

Key Features

  • Armorshield Condura at wear spots for increased durability.
  • Neutrally-buoyant padding.
  • Lower right-side and right shoulder dump valves.
  • Patented Tank Traction System (TTS) ensures that your tank stays put
  • 6 stainless steel D-rings.
  • Two large zippered pockets.
  • Adjustable chest strap for improved fit and comfort.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.