Suunto D4 Wrist Computer

Suunto D4 Wrist Computer Features

What's in the box: Computer, Digital Online Class

Suunto D4 is a full decompression wrist-top dive computer it is part of the proven Suunto diving line that is trusted and valued by dive professionals around the world

More than a dive computer, Suunto D4's innovative freedive functions and dedicated freedive mode mean it's also perfect for those who are serious about breath hold diving

Whether your passion is recreational sports diving or competitive freediving, Suunto D4 puts information, ease of use, and style first

Key Features

  • Four operating modes: Time, Feedive, Air, and Nitrox
  • Dive planning and analysis functions
  • Compatible with optional Suunto dive manager pc software
  • Automatic safety stop countdown
  • Complete decompression stop data
  • Suunto deep stop RGBM algorithm
  • Multi step ascent rate indicator
  • Battery power indicator and warning
  • Depth display range: 0-238 ft.
  • Glass face, display shield, and lightweight composite housing
  • adjustable metric and imperial units

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.