Suunto D3 Freediving Wrist Computer with Rubber Band, Blue + PC Download Kit

Suunto D3 Freediving Wrist Computer with Rubber Band, Blue + PC Download Kit Features

What's in the box: Wrist Computer, PC Interface Cable (serial)

The Suunto D3 is an advanced wrist top computer for freedivers and water sports enthusiasts Lightweight, streamlined and providing versatile dive, time and alarm functions, it is the ultimate freediving instrument In gauge mode it is the perfect bottom timer and back-up device for SCUBA diving The Suunto D3 is not a dive computer and provides no decompression calculations

The Suunto D3 is designed with the natural freedom of freediving in mind, and due to its small size, hydrodynamics is never compromised In freediving mode the Suunto D3 provides accurate depth and time recording with an amazing 1 second interval And to fine-tune your diving technique, every dive can be downloaded and analyzed afterwards The surface interval between dives is displayed in seconds and minutes As a freediver seldom has the time to look at the display during the dive, a repeatable dive time alarm helps to keep track of time The dive time alarm can for example be set to beep every 30 seconds In addition the Suunto D3 provides a repeatable countdown timer with alarm in Watch-mode, a useful feature for static apnea or pool training The D3 will help you to take your freediving to another level of performance Just glide to the abyss with confidence and ease, with D3

In Gauge-mode the Suunto D3 provides a bottom timer function for SCUBA diving with own pre-planned tables or for using it as a backup instrument A dive timer with reset function displays the dive time in minutes and seconds for timing bottom times and decompression stops to the second A Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) planner helps you determine how deep your gas-mix can be safely breathed

Key Features

  • Freediving, Gauge and Watch modes
  • 1 s sampling rate (Free mode)
  • Countdown timer
  • Repeatable dive time alarm
  • Maximum Operating Depth Planner (Gauge mode)
  • User replaceable battery
  • PC interface Included

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.