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Apeks XTX100 Regulator, DIN

Apeks XTX100 Regulator, DIN Features

Instead of requiring divers to modify their diving to fit their gear, Apeks has taken great strides in making their gear flexible enough to meet the needs of the diving community In addition to being highly-functional and boasting of incredible performance, the XTX100 is a very stylish piece of dive equipment

Its over-balancing feature means you'll be breathing easy, even as the pressure around you changes as you increase or decrease your depth or as the pressure in your tank changes This means you won't have to exert yourself in order to fill your lungs as your dive progresses

The Environmental Dry Sealing System will keep your regulator from icing up in cold water and will protect your regulator from the all-too-common silt buildup In addition to being a great safety feature, the Environmental Dry Sealing System eliminates the need for using silicon and grease to keep your regulator in working order Say goodbye to those messy lubricants when you bring home the XTX100

Because the Apeks engineers wanted to give you as much control over your underwater breathing, they included the Diver Changeable Exhaust system This feature allows you to switch between a large and small exhaust tee before your dive The large tee disperses your bubbles more efficiently, but the small tee is lighter and more compact that its large counterpart

With the help of an authorized technician, the 2nd stage can be converted from a right-hand setup to a left-hand setup, allowing this regulator to be personalized to your exact needs and diving style Additionally, the medium pressure ports are 3/8-inch, which allows the 2nd stage to be mounted to either side of the 1st stage These features are just another way of displaying how Apeks keeps the divers in mind

Key Features

  • Marine brass, machine-finished 1st stage
  • Satin chrome finish on 1st stage
  • Cold-water compatible
  • 2nd stage is right or left-hand compatible

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.