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About APEXS Free-Flow Control Device

Regulators not designed for cold-water use are especially prone to freezing. APEKS simple yet extremely effective Free-Flow Control Device contributes a significant advance in diver safety. In the event of 2nd stage freezing, Free Flow can cause catastrophic loss of air. With the Free Flow Control Device fitted to your regulator, a simple sliding action allows the diver to isolate the free flowing 2nd stage and continue the dive using a secondary air source or alternatively, the diver can manually control the air flow allowing a safe ascent to the surface. The Free Flow Control Devise is designed to fit all regulators that use the standard 9/16" UNF hose fitting.

Easy to install on standard hoses placed between the hose and the second stage regulator for quick and easy shut-off of air or to allow air flow to continue. Just slide the ribbed slide collar to shut-off or turn-on gas flow. Slide is made from durable machined Delrin and the ribbed texture makes it easy to operate even when wearing gloves. Inline shut-off has 9/16-18 UNF male inlet to 9/16-18 UNF female outlet threads. Inline shut-off is commonly used with deco rigs and stage bottles and can prevent critical gas loss due to cold-water diving, free-flow caused when entering water through surf or off the back of a boat. Inline shut-off will also stop on wanted free-flow caused by currents, which is handy with deco-rigs or stage bottles that may be left unattended at decompression and safety stops. Inline shut-off is for use with low pressure only below 200 psi (13.8 bars). Threaded couplings are made from marine grade brass for strength and durability.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

APEXS Free-Flow Control Device Features

  • APEXS Free-Flow Control Device:
  • Regulators Not Designed for Cold-Water are Especially Prone to Freezing
  • Free-Flow Control Device Contributes Significant Advance in Diver Safety
  • Helps Control 2'nd-Stage Freezing
  • Free Flows Can Cause Catastrophic Loss of Gas
  • Simple Sliding Action Allows Diver to Isolate Free Flowing 2'nd-Stage
  • Designed to Fit All Regulators Using Standard 9/16" UNF Hose Fitting
  • Easy to Install on Standard Hoses
  • Placed Between Hose & 2'nd-Stage Regulator
  • Quick & Easy Shut-Off or Allow Air Flow to Continue
  • Ribbed Slide Collar:
    Shuts-Off or Turns-On Gas Flow
    Durable Machined Delrin w/Ribbed Texture
    Easy to Operate Even when Wearing Gloves
  • Threads: 9/16-18 UNF Male Inlet to 9/16-18 UNF Female
  • Commonly Used w/Deco Rigs and Stage Bottles
  • Low Pressure Only Below 200 psi (13.8 bars)
  • Marine Grade Brass for Strength and Durability

APEXS Free-Flow Control Device Customer Reviews Powered by TurnTo®

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easy to use




safety item


nice to have incase you have a second stg freeflow. I have at 150 ft and now will not dive without this backup valve.

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Questions & Answers Powered by TurnTo®

Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
WILL P  To keep stage bottles from free-flowing when they're hanging on a line
MICHAEL R  This is a good option to turn off a freeflowing 2nd stage reg. Why risk losing all your air?
Shopper  what's the diff between this and the XS Scuba version?
RICHARD B  I have not used the other version , but this has solved my anxity over 2nd stage freeflows on my scuba pro's regs. If I experiance a freeflow I switch to my back up reg for a couple of minutes and shut the primary down for a minute, then switch back after it has thawed. I hope this helps, Rich
Marilyn S  This works the same as the Highland by XS Scuba Inline Shut-Off at Second Stage and has the same threading.
Shopper  Will it work with other regs/Octos?
MARTIN B  I've used it with many different regs, USD, Sherwood, Scuba Pro, just too name a few. It works really well, but if you have it on both regs, you may want to add an over pressure relief valve to your 1st stage.
GEOFFREY K  Most fittings are standard size(1 SIZE FOR ALL). Even on off brands, so unless it's fron the 60's, it'll fit.
PETER H  Most octopus and second stages use a standard low pressure hose with a 3/8-inch male at the end that screws into the first stage LP port, and at the other end a 9/16-inch female that screws onto the second stage regulator body. (Some regs use proprietary hoses with different connections at the second stage.) This device connects to the standard hose at either end. If you put it on the second stage, it may stick out too much and cause some drag. If you put it on the 1st stage, it could get broken if you hit something with your tank's first stage and it may be very difficult to reach behind your head. Ideally you should have your octopus tuned by your dive shop and stowed so that it doesn't free flow. Adding this device to your octopus is just one more thing to remember to turn on. And in an emergency situation, I'm not sure it's a good plan.
RONALD O  It will fit any reg or octo that uses a standard regulator hose connection. This means it will fit virtually any regulator except those using proprietary swivel connectors, like the Oceanic Delta 4 and some Scubapros etc.
JOE O  I use it with a Zeagle regulator (can't remember off my head what model). I think it fits any standard hose, though, and I know it works great! It gives me some extra comfort, especially on deeper dives, and I have actually had to use it once already. It was real simple just to switch it off, go to my secondary, and start a controlled accent. I was never sorry that I purchased it, even if it is a little expensive.
RON E  Yes, the device is compatible with multiple regs/octos and a handy add-on. In addition I have had several dive instructors inquire about the product and recommended the item to their students to prevent mishaps or oxygen loss.
RICHARD B  The answer is yes, I have them on scuba pro,and.aqualung second stages. After experiancing a freeflow at 150ft 35 degrees it is good to have control at my fingertips. It was a very scary enperiance. Please note at no time should you have all your 2nd stages or air2's turned off at the same time. This is in the rarecase of a first stage freeze open,you will need a relief valve. I am told that allmost all freeflows are on the second stage. With this you can switch to your backup and turn off your primary . The frezzup usually thaws in a couple of minutes and then you can switch back . A great device. Email with any Questions , Rich
WILL P  Yes. I've used it on OMS and Sherwood regulators. The 7/16 inch second stage fitting is pretty standard. W.P.
DAVID B  It works with most regs/octos with standard threads, I do have an intergrated octo from Oceanic called airXL tht it doesn't fit.
DOUGLAS S  Yes, provided they have a standard hose connection. Some regulators have a boot over the hose connection and this might need to be removed.
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