Apeks ATX50 Regulator

Apeks ATX50 Regulator Features

What's in the box: 1st Stage, 2nd Stage and LP Hose

First Stage

The balance diaphragm first stage of the ATX range is pressure adjustable and depth compensated The dry seal first stage is ideal for cold, warm, and contaminated waters and doesn't require modifications to switch between various water environments

Second Stage

The ATX50 second stage uses a pneumatically-balanced valve system and is the most advanced diver adjustable breathing system available The ATX50 has ergonomically-designed diver-adjustable controls for opening effort and venturi assistance allowing the diver to tune the breathing characteristics of the regulator to give virtually ideal breathing No fixed or present system can achieve an ideal level of breathing performance under all conditions

The ATX50 second stage is suitable for all diving conditions Because of its high-efficiency heat exchanger system, it can cope with even the coldest conditions without freezing, making the perfect all-around regulator It also comes standard with the Comfo-bit mouthpiece for increased comfort

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.