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About Sport Stuff Justa Tube

Justa Tube is not really just a tube! Sure it s a black donut, but it s a hypoallergenic black donut, much less likely to cause an allergic reaction then that old truck tube you used to use! The Schrader valve stem is shorter than a standard auto valve and has a tapered cap, so there s no discomfort or scratching legs. It s made of isobutylene isoprene synthetic rubber, an upgrade from standard tire tube. It s more resistant to heat, abrasion, ozone and sunlight. Justa Tube provides year round fun and is easy to store! It s a durable snow tube in winter. In summer, you ll enjoy it as a durable river, lake or ocean float. Justa Tube comes in two diameters of 32 or 40 (81.3 cm or 101.6 cm) deflated.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 3 months.
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Sport Stuff Justa Tube Features

  • Sport Stuff Justa Tube
  • Justa Tube is Not Really Just-a-Tube!
  • Sure it's a Black Donut, a Hypoallergenic Black Donut
  • Much Less Likely to Cause Allergic Reaction then Old Truck Tube
  • Unique Short Stem Schrader Valve
  • Valve: Tapered Cap, No Discomfort or Scratching Legs
  • Made of Isobutylene Isoprene Synthetic Rubber
  • Upgrade from Standard Tire Tube
  • More Resistant to Heat, Abrasion, Ozone and Sunlight
  • Year Round Fun and Easy to Store!
  • Durable Snow Tube in Winter
  • Durable River, Lake or Ocean Float in Summer
  • Available in 2-Diameters: 32" or 40" (81.3 cm or 101.6 cm), Deflated
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