Sporasub Revolution Black Fins

Sporasub Revolution Black Fins Features

Sporasub has created one unique foot pocket on the Revolution Fin The foot pocket is actually a shoe, not a rubber pocket that you slip your foot in, but an actual shoe, Revolutionary! The Revolution fin shoe pocket is conceived and designed like a real shoe, and is surely the most comfortable shoe pocket available on the market today

It is available in seven sizes: from 40 to 46 The vamp of the shoe pocket is pre-molded and built of nylon with a polyurethane covering Both materials are waterproof and highly resistant to water

Both the padding and internal sole are water-repellent, this eliminates water absorption, or water stagnation

The three Velcro straps secure the shoe to your foot to a custom fit The shoe sole is made from EMS Grivory thermoplastic (a leading provider of high-performance polyamides) with non-slip heels made of polyurethane

The stiffness of these materials allows the diver to unload leg movement on the fins without wasting energy, giving you the highest level of performance The sole of the shoe has internal drain channels, which allow quick drainage of water after fishing, in order to avoid water stagnation or build-up of mold in the shoe

The Blades are removable modular polypropylene and are replaceable The 26- angle of the fin, with respect to the axis of the sole, creates a thrust that is equal in both the down-kick and up-kick, limiting the area of standstill where there is no thrust Five stabilizers have been inserted in the fin The four lateral stabilizers, two on the upper part and two on the bottom, impede fin side slippage during swimming, further increasing the blades thrust

Key Features

  • Designed like a real shoe.
  • Most comfortable shoe pocket available.
  • Self Draining Sole.
  • Removable and Replaceable Blades.
  • Five Stabilizers for Increased Thrust.
  • The four lateral stabilizers, two on the upper part and two on the bottom.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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