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Sporasub 900 Lumens Flash LED light

Sporasub 900 Lumens Flash LED light Features

The heart of the Flash flashlight is a revolutionary LED made up of 4 elements, grouped together in a single PCB, protected by a lens dome face in silicon. The result is a flashlight with an illumination capacity above 6000 Lux with a heat temperature of 6200º Kelvin.

The LED is driven by special electronics that guarantee lighting consistency over time. This is all assembled on an aluminum frame and sealed with a special resin that makes the LED group (LED, electronics and parabola) perfectly water-tight.

In fact, if the flashlight accidentally fills with water, the LED group will not be damaged and, after rinsing with fresh water, and drying,it can be used as if it were new.In this case, only the batteries are damaged and must be replaced.

The light beam is concentrated thanks to an aluminum-covered plastic reflector, designed with an angle of 10º and an additional lens in polycarbonate. This system creates a beam with a maximum intensity of 200mm in diameter at a distance of about 1 meter. The flashlight body is made in highly resistant ABS with overprinted thermal rubber parts in order to increase grip. The head is made in non-corrosive anodized aluminum protected by a special thermal-rubber cover. The front glass is extra-clear, tempered and sealed with an O-Ring in silicon and a non-corrosive aluminum ring

The water-proof between the head and body is created by 2 toroidal O-Rings in 2.62 mm string in NBR70. The sliding magnetic switch has a double safety catch in the Off position in order to avoid switching it on accidentally. Moreover, the switch is equipped with a recall spring in the Off position designed especially for spearfishing (in order to keep the flashlight in the On position,the switch has to be pressed during use). The recall spring can be removed so the flashlight can be kept in the On position, and the switch can be then held in this position thanks to the special safety catch.

The polyurethane band is designed to be easily adjusted and kept firmly in the desired position. Moreover, it has been designed to unhook under high traction for safety reasons. The flashlight is powered by 6 AA 1.5V batteries, Energizer Lithium are supplied with the flashlight, that allow for a range of 120 minutes of constant use and 300 minutes of intermittent use with 60 seconds ON/60 seconds OFF.

Key Features

  • 6000 Lux w/ Heat Temperature of 6200° Kelvin
  • Completely Sealed Bulb Element and Electronics
  • Durable ABS Body
  • Rubber Coated Body for a Firm Grip
  • Anodized Aluminum Light Head

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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