Sporasub EVA Board

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About Sporasub EVA Board

Unsinkable Large-Sized Board built with Injected Molded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) a Polymer that has Low Temperature Toughness, is Stress-Crack Resistance, with Waterproof Properties, and Resistance to UV Radiation. This board has been specially designed for those Spear Fishermen who are Shore Divers, but like the Utility of a Boat Platform. The EVA Board is True-Mini-Boat that can hold everything the Spear Fishermen needs when Out-Hunting, and is Easily-Towed in any Sea Conditions.

The Board is Blue-in-Color along the Bottom in order to make it Invisible to Fish and Red from the Waterline-Up in order to make it more Visible-above-Water to other Watercraft. The Hull has a Shield Under-the-Bow while the Stern has 2-Special Catamaran Style Hull Sections. The Shield is designed to help the Hull Move-Smoothly Over-Waves, while the Catamaran Hull Section help Push-the-Board Upwards and help Prevent-Roll, while Working-as-Lateral-Stabilizers. Even when Fully Loaded, the Board Maintains-Hydrodynamics by Sliding-Over-the-Water in Adverse Sea Conditions.

Board is equipped with a Tension-Reel which can accommodate 115' (35 meter) of 0.25" (6mm) Diameter Anchor Line for Easy-and-Secure Anchoring when out Spear Fishing (line not included). Thanks to the Friction-Set in the Reel, the Spear Fisherman can Easily-Regulate the length of the line in order to Avoid-Snarls-and-Tangles that Common-Floating Lines create, above all when Fishing along the Sea Floor. Special Fasteners can carry 2-Separate Spear Guns, 2-Flag Mounts one-forward one-aft, a Zippered Stowage Tower Amidships, and D"-Rings for Attachment-of-Accessories on the bottom of the Hull. The Traditional Red and White Diver-Down-Flag Freely-Rotates and Swivels along the Flagpole depending on the Wind-Direction, so it doesn't get Wrapped-Up along the Flagpole. This is one Complete-Platform for any Spear Fishing Enthusiast. The SPORASUB EVA Board measures (L x W x D) 45.28" x 22.56" x 5.16" (1,150mm x 573mm x 131mm) and the Storage Tower increase the height to 10.7" (272mm). The Board weighs 6lbs 10oz (3kg) when empty. The SPORASUB EVA Board is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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