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About Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles, Black

Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles
Swim like never by using these Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles. The swim goggles fits to help you compete or for just everyday recreational swimming. Their one piece design provides you with a lot of comfort. They feature a sleek shape, so that you experience less drag in the water. The goggles have a protective film on the lens to avoid any scratching and keep them looking as good as the day you bought them. Their Anti-fog coating ensures that you see everything around you clearly. These goggles have a shatterproof feature so that the lenses remain intact, if you happen to drop them. You get to choose between tinted and clear lenses. They feature interchangeable prescriptions for each eye. Plus, they are very lightweight, so that you barely feel them on you. Have a great time swimming in the pool with these Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles.

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