Speedo Kids Silcone Ear Plugs

Speedo Kids Silcone Ear Plugs

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Speedo Kids Silcone Ear Plugs Features

Tired of water getting in your children's ears and then it won't come back out? Maybe it is driving them crazy because after swimming they complain when bending over it sounds like the tide is coming in or worst they are getting a bad case of swimmers ear, whatever your child's ear problem is ear plugs will help.

Speedo's Kid's Silicone Ear plugs offer a soft, safer comfortable barrier between the ear canal and water. Plugs come in a case and there are three pairs per case. So get rid of that pesky water in the ears by wearing ear plugs.

Key Features

  • Blocks Water Flow Into Ears
  • Eight To A Pack with Carrying Case
  • Make Swimming More Enjoyable
  • Soft silicone material is good for young sensitive ears
  • 100%PVC free