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About Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs, Silver

Love-to-Swim, but Hate Water in your Ears, Tired of Water getting in your Ears and then it won't come back out? Maybe it is driving you crazy because after swimming you bend over and it sounds like the tide is coming in, or worst you are getting a bad case of Swimmers Ear, whatever your Ear Problem is Ear Plugs will help.

Speedo's Ergo Ear Plugs are possibly the most Comfortable Set of Ear Plugs you'll ever own, the Ergo Ear Plugs by Speedo are Specially-Designed to Delicately Fit Inside-the-Ear Canal while Maintaining a Water-Tight Seal. The Ergo Ear Plugs accomplish this with the Flanged Shape of the Plug. The Soft-and Comfortable Design will give you hours of Water-Free-Ear Swimming. Ear Plugs are Easy to Put-In and Take-Out and are Good-for-All-Ages. The Speedo Ergonomic Ear Plugs are Silver in color, come with a Care Box and are covered by a 90 day limited warranty.

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