Sol Sun-Guard Alpine SPF25 1.5 oz

Sol Sun-Guard Alpine SPF25 1.5 oz Features

What's in the box: Sol Sun-Guard Alpine SPF25

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Sol Sunguard Alpine SPF25
The Sol Sunguard Alpine SPF25 is an amazing sunscreen for climbers, hikers, and anyone who genuinely loves the outdoors. It is crucial to have sun protection while outside. This sunscreen provides high-altitude UV protection that is great for climbers who experience the relentless sun as the move higher up the mountainside. Unlike other sunscreens that need to be applied over and over, this Sol product is long lasting. It is also great for those who enjoy to going out on the snow to ski. The reflection of the sun from the snow can be particularly dangerous to the skin, unless you are wearing a sunscreen with this type of protection. Many sunscreens melt off after a few hours and run when you sweat, but this mineral oxide mixture stays along for the entire adventure. In high altitudes and with extreme exertion you loose much of your bodie's water through sweat. This sunscreen helps hold in your body's moisture to fend off dehydration. If you spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors you should purchase Sol Sunguard Alpine SPF25.

Key Features

  • Active Durability
  • Great for Snow Skiing
  • Helps Hold Your Body Moisture
  • Helps Prevent Long Term Sun Damage
  • High Altitude
  • High and Dry
  • Mineral Oxide Based
  • Sweat proof
  • UV Protection
  • Water proof
  • Won't Melt Off when You Sweat