SanDisk 2 GB Compact Flash Memory Card.


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About SanDisk 2 GB Compact Flash Memory Card.

CompactFlash is the world's most popular removable mass storage device The CompactFlash card is about the size of a matchbook and only weighs half an ounce The card was designed based on the popular PC Card (PCMCIA) standard and can easily be slipped into these slots with the use of a low-cost adapter

CompactFlash technology has resulted in the introduction of a new class of advanced, small, lightweight, and low-power mobile products that significantly increases the productivity and enhances the lifestyle of millions of people

These products include digital cameras, digital music players, desktop computers, handheld PCs (HPCs), personal communicators, Palm PCs, Auto PCs, digital voice recorders and photo printers SanDisk, the inventor of this product, has led the market for CompactFlash since its inception

SanDisk 2 GB Compact Flash Memory Card. Features

  • High transfer rate for fast copy/download
  • High storage capacity
  • Non-volatile solid-state; no moving parts maximizes battery power. Data is not lost when power is turned off
  • Operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor
  • Available in two sizes: CompactFlash and CompactFlash Type II. Consult your device's manual for compatibility
  • Unfazed by drastic weather conditions ranging from blistering heat to arctic cold
  • Compatible with all digital cameras, handheld PCs, digital audio players, and other devices that feature a CompactFlash slot
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