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Surface Marker : Picture 1 regular

About Surface Marker Buoy Orange/Yellow

The Surface Marker Pro Buoy is a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) that should be inflated at depth prior to ascent via the opening at the bottom of the unit. The self sealing internal baffle will ensure that the unit stays fully inflated during its ascent and on the surface. The expanding air is vented via the Over Pressure Release Valve.

The Surface Marker Buoy comes in 3 different color models. Safety Orange- Both sides of the buoy are orange. This is normally used by tech divers in most parts of the world during their ascent and decompression stop to signal the All OK. Neon Yellow - Both sides of the buoy are yellow. This is normally used by tech divers in most parts of the world during ascent to signal that the diver or a member of the team has encountered a problem and may require immediate assistance by the support team. A dive slate can be attached to the top handle communicating the nature of the problem. Orange / Yellow Combo - With both an orange and a yellow panel this is by far the most visible combo for the recreational diver. The orange panel is more visible in bright sunlight and significant glare. While the yellow panel will prove its worth as light deteriorates and the rain clouds move in. The contrast provided by the two alternating panels with the added effect of the Solas tape will ensure that you stand out.

These Hi-Viz Diver Signal Tubes are made from Durable 210-Denier Nylon Fabric, all have Solas Reflective Tape for easy ID in low light or night diving conditions, are equipped with Stainless Steel D-Rings for attachment to a line and an Over Pressure Relief (OPR) Valve with Pull Dump Cord for self or manual release of pressure. Buoy measures 69" (175 cm) in height and 8" (21 cm) wide. There is a clear light stick holder for low light and night diving activates, a Top Handle for easy retrieval and all buoy's are self sealing. The Buoy's all come with a compact Carry Pouch for BCD attachment and can provide 45 lbs (20 kg) of buoyancy.

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