Sevylor DiveYak XK2020 (SVX2020)

Sevylor DiveYak XK2020 (SVX2020) Features

What's in the box: Kayak, 1 Seat,

This is a true hybrid of a dive boat and the Queen of the Sevylor Dive Fleet!

It is propelled by a double-bladed paddle and is a very stabile and responsive dive kayak You can equip it with a 3 1/2 hp outboard motor to make it a sleek sport dive boat with two tail fins capable of reaching speeds that no conventional boat would be capable of with such a small motor It is a glass bottom dive platform with a removable center dive hatch, which allows the diver to exit and enter the boat through an opening at mid-ship The cover of the center floor section can be removed to expose a clear, see-through dive hatch The XK2020 is equipped with 20 stainless steel D-rings for securing a set of double tanks and all other dive gear It has Velcro tie downs for a kayak paddle, spear gun, shock stick, fishing pole, and dive flag It is capable of mounting a large compressor for hookah diving

Key Features

  • High quality, composite fabric PVC with polyester core.
  • Double wall construction. Outer hull and inner tubes. Easy to repair!
  • Dive hatch with polyester cover. Hatch can be raised (pivots on a hinge) and allow the diver to enter and exit the boat at midship
  • See-thru floor. Remove the Polyester cover from the hatch and the Diveyak (tm) transforms into a "glass bottom boat. Dive hatch is locked in place by 3 brass snap hooks.
  • 5 separate air chambers, (4) controlled by Boston Valves and (1) new Jumbo valve.
  • Stainless steel D-rings to secure diving equipment or kayak paddles
  • 2 large drains on the bottom and multiple drain noles midship.
  • Bungee cargo net to secure various equipment.
  • 2 handles for lifting.
  • Kayak bucket seat with high back support and a fanny pack belt with 2 water bottle holders and a ditty pouch. Can be removed from the seat and attached to divers waist.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 9 months.
(800) 328-3208