Sevylor Bellows Foot Pump

Sevylor Bellows Foot Pump

Sevylor Bellows Foot Pump Features

Sevylor Bellows Foot Pump
The Sevylor Bellows Foot Pump is a great product to rely on, when you need to get all your inflatable equipment ready for a fun day out on the water. It is conveniently compatible with nearly every kind of inflatable product in the market, including all the larger Sevymarine boats. Designed with an ABS body, this pump is highly durable for frequent use. There is a versatility to it, thanks to the universal valve fittings that allow you to use this pump with boats and mattresses. Inflate your towable or kayak effortlessly, in ten minutes or less, using this pump from Sevylor. The fun never takes too long to start with this product as part of your summer gear. You can use it to deflate stuff quickly, too. The Sevylor Bellows Foot Pump is an ideal item to have with you before you head out to the water this summer!

Key Features

  • Size: 8.75 in. x 11.5 in.
  • Pressure: 4.5 psi.
  • ABS body
  • Universal nozzles
  • Deflate
  • Armor hose

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 3 months.
(800) 835-3278