Sealife Deluxe Hard Case for MAXX SL948

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  • Unbreakable, watertight, chemical resistant
  • Two-level design, with an upper tray
  • Holds a complete camera set
  • High impact structural copolymer construction
  • Purge valve for quick equalizations
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About Sealife Deluxe Hard Case for MAXX SL948

The SeaLife Sea Dragon Maxx Case is unbreakable, watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. It's made of ultra high impact structural copolymer, making it extremely strong and durable. The case is a two-level design, with an upper tray able to hold a complete camera set including dual tray, grips, Sea Dragon lights and accessories. The lower level can hold another camera, in addition to flex arms and other accessories. The trays are custom die-cut high-density foam, and the case features a purge valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure. Don't forget to put Moisture Muncher (see SKU: SLFMM) inside the case to create a dry and safe storage and travel environment.

The case has dual latching lock closures with a watertight gasket seal. The Case has a swiveling hand grip for easy transport and when handle collapsed stores compact. The case measures externally 18.25" x 13.25" x 6.75" (46.36cm x 33.66cm x 17cm) and internally 16.75" x 11.5" x 6" (42.5cm x 29.21cm x 15.25cm) with a volume of 1,155.75 cubic inches (19 liters). The SeaLife Sea Dragon Maxx Case is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(800) 257-7742

Sealife Deluxe Hard Case for MAXX SL948 Features

  • Sealife Deluxe Hard Case for MAXX SL948
  • Unbreakable, Watertight, Dustproof and Chemical Resistant
  • Corrosion Proof Design
  • Construction: Ultra High Impact Structural Copolymer
  • Extremely Strong and Durable
  • Two-Level Design:
    Upper Tray:
    Holds Complete Camera Set
    Including Dual Tray, Grips, Sea Dragon Lights and Accessories
    Lower Level:
    Holds Another Camera, Flex Arms and Other Accessories
    Trays are Custom Die-Cut High-Density Foam
  • Purge Valve for Quick Equalization after Changes in Atmospheric Pressure
  • Don't Forget to Put Moisture Muncher (see SKU: SLFMM) Inside Case
  • Moisture Muncher: Create Dry & Safe Storage/Travel Environment
  • Dual Latching Lock Closures
  • Watertight Gasket Seal
  • Swiveling Hand Grip for Easy Transport
  • Handle Collapses for Compact Storage
  • Dimensions (External): 18.25" x 13.25" x 6.75") 46.36cm x 33.66cm x 17cm)
  • Dimensions (Internal): 16.75" x 11.5" x 6" (42.5cm x 29.21cm x 15.25cm)
  • Volume: 1,155.75 cubic inches (19 liters)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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