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About Sealife SL700 DC 1200 Digital Camera - 12MP

The SeaLife DC1200: Radical new design features along with dive specific programming make it the easiest dive camera you will ever use!

Vibrant colorful reef scenes, a shot of elusive sea life that mystifies or pictures of wrecks from a bygone era, the DC1200 is the camera to catch them all; easy, fun and a joy to use. With a radical new design that eliminates all but a few buttons on the housing, the DC1200 12-megapixel camera combines modern design and programming savvy to bring you the simplest camera to use underwater or on land.

The DC1200 housing uses only 5 large "piano key" buttons to access key elements in the cameras program. Navigating through the menushas never been easier than now with the introduction of the Zoom Control system, which acts as both the 5X optical zoom adjustment as well as the fingertip control to toggle through the menus. The shutter button also doubles as the set button while diving to minimize the need to move your hands around the cameras housing.

The newest addition to the SeaLife line debuts the Easy Set-up mode - a graphic on-screen guide that takes the guess work out of setting up the camera for great pictures on land or underwater. The DC1200 includes four new specially designed underwater modes that make it simple and easy to take perfect pictures in any water setting and its updated design includes an ergonomic design, large shutter button and well-spaced buttons make the camera easy to handle and user-fr iendly.

SeaLife's Sea Modes which have built in color correction and External Flash Modes for vibrant color and manual control of the cameras shutter and aperture, round out the DC1200.

Picture Modes 4 Underwater modes.
Sea mode with UW color correction for diving without external flash accessory
Snorkel mode with UW color correction for snorkeling without external flash accessory
Ext Flash Auto mode for automatic exposure settings when using one or two external flash accessories. Ideal for beginner and intermediate UW photographers.
Ext Flash Manual mode for manual aperture and shutter speed exposure controls when using one or two external flash accessories. Ideal for advanced UW photographers.
12 Land modes: Auto, Sports, Sunset, Sunrise, Snow, Beach, Panorama, Splash-water, Flow-water, Night Scene, Landscape, Fireworks.

The Sealife SL700 DC 1200 Digital Camera - 12MP is commonly used for Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming Pool and more. The Sealife SL700 DC 1200 Digital Camera - 12MP is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Casual Photographer, Photo Enthusiast among others. The Sealife SL700 DC 1200 Digital Camera - 12MP is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Sealife SL700 DC 1200 Digital Camera - 12MP: Easy To Use, Functional, Good Depth Range, Water-tight Seals.

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