Scuba Hides Pirate Ripper Tank Graphic Cover

Scuba Hides Pirate Ripper Tank Graphic Cover Features

What's in the box: Tank Graphic Cover. Shrink Wrap

ScubaHides ™ designed this product to be a fun, easy way for divers to personalize their gear and increase individual visual identification underwater. The covers are RE-movable and RE-usable, and come with 1 replacement sleeve included.

The high resolution graphics are printed on a 10m thick piece of polyethelyne, which is placed on the tank without any adhesive. Then a 1 thick shrink-wrap sleeve is slid over the tank and graphic, and heat shru with a normal hairdryer. The covers do not interfere with either the hydro stamp or current visual inspection sticker.

PLEASE NOTE: Scuba Hides are a decorative tank treatment and do not protect the tank.

Pirate Ripper

Bursting out of the tank itself, this dead man tells no tales! This design is anhomage to the original created by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson(VCJ) for Powell Peralta skateboards way back in 1979. To learn more about the original, go here:, this design comes with TWO regular or XL shrink sleeves - so you're read to re-move and re-use it over and over again!

Key Features

  • Personalized Your Cylinder
  • Great Graphics
  • Won't Rub Off
  • Won't Cover Cylinder Testing Information
  • Easy to Install
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