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About Seattle Sports Barge Cement

Seattle Sports Barge Cement
The Seattle Sports Barge Cement is sure to be a useful item to have on any day, around the house, the office or even when you are out traveling in the great outdoors. Use it on rubber, wood, leather, glass, cork, or metal for best results. A perfect contact adhesive, this cement is apt for sticking foam to most surfaces, too. This product is a wonderful addition to your travel survival kit, and can also be a handy thing to have for home projects. Being toluene-free, this barge cement is safe to use, even for extended periods. The Seattle Sports cement is multi-purpose, as it can be used for weather-stripping, mending car doors, repairing windows, shoe patch-up, and for replacing tiles, and wall brackets. The Seattle Sports Barge Cement is a handy little product to have around, that certainly goes a long way in helping you out of sticky situations!

Seattle Sports Barge Cement Features

  • All Purpose Cement
  • Toluene-Free
  • 2 oz. Tube
  • Great for Rubber
  • Wood, Glass
  • Cork and Metal
  • Other Applications: Weather Stripping,
  • Car Doors, Windows
  • Shoe Repair and More

Seattle Sports Barge Cement Specifications

Rubber, Wood, Glass, Cork And Metal
2 Oz.
Weather Stripping
Car Doors
Weight [with packaging]
0.15 lb
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