Seac Sub Asso C/R Pneumatic Speargun


Seac Sub Asso C/R Pneumatic Speargun Features

What's in the box: Steel spear, Injector, Harpoon, Harpoon loader, Line, Rifle carrying case

Tank: aluminum alloy cylinder with a 40 mm diameter Butt: Light alloy muzzle with increased holes to optimize the discharge of water Handle: ergonomic and functional form Made in one material Barrel: the 13 mm diameter allows the use of an 8 mm spear Characteristics: Regulator that allow halving the rifle power if necessary Wide range of sizes from 30 cm to 135 cm Comes with: steel spear, injector, harpoon, harpoon loader, line, rifle carrying case

Key Features

  • 55.5cm
    Shaft 52.3 cm
  • 69cm
    Shaft 67.3 cm
  • 79cm
    Shaft 77.3 cm
  • 90cm
    Shaft 87.3 cm
  • 115cm
    Shaft 113.3 cm
  • 135cm
    Shaft 132.3 cm