Seac 3D Jacket BC


About Seac 3D Jacket BC

The all new Seac 3D jacket features an innovative breathing bag with a Parties shape that not only enables it to have greater buoyancy force in ratio to its size, but is also completely free of the back plate, thereby noticeably reducing the sail effect. Other features include the Frame to-Back system with Soft Comfort reverse-stitched shoulder straps, light weight due to the jacket structure and the careful selection of the materials used, as well as the super-comfortable anatomic back plate cover made in draining Airnet material HV points of contact.

Seac 3D Jacket BC Features

  • Material outer bladder: PU coated 420 D Nylon
  • Material inner bladder: PU coated 420 D Nylon
  • Dump valves: 3 with pull command
  • D-rings: 6 - 40 mm in stainless steel + 2 - 25 mm in stainless steel
  • 3D Breathing Bag: The particular inflation not only allows a greater buoyancy force in relation tothe size, but the fact that it is completely free of the back plate also reduced the sail effect.
  • Lightweight: This characteristic makes the bag absolutely comfortable and practical to transport, perfect for air travel
  • SCS Inflator: corrugated power inflator with sphere control system that allows optimal management of increased loading and dumping flows. High-level performance levels and simple maintenance.
  • Smart Weight System
  • Sternum Adjustment
  • High Lift Capacity

Seac 3D Jacket BC Specifications

Shoulder Straps:
Yes. Adjustable.
Stainless Steel Rings;
Waist Strap:
Chest Buckle:
Yes. Adjustable.
Available in the Following Sizes:
Large, Medium, X-Large
Oral Inflator:
Mfr #
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