Scubapro R290 Octopus, Yellow

Scubapro R290 Octopus, Yellow

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Scubapro R290 Octopus, Yellow Features

ScubaPro's R-290 is incredible lightweight and compact, making it the ideal octopus Its shape and streamline design mean it will be a perfect fit for any dive buddy in need The 1-meter long hose allows your buddy to easily take hold of the octopus and breathe comfortably, without feeling cramped for space The R290 was originally developed for the hard knocks of dive school students, ensuring its durability and ease of use

Key Features

  • Classic downstream valve
  • Hose length: 1 meter
  • Reversible low-pressure hose attachment
  • High-flow exhaust valve
  • Food grade PVC mouthpiece

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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