Scubapro MK25/A700 Regulator, DIN

Scubapro MK25/A700 Regulator, DIN Features

What's in the box: 1st Stage, 2nd Stage, LP Hose

SCUBAPRO has been the leader in the evolution of piston controlled first stages since its beginning; the MK25 carries on this heritage with an array of patented features ensuring unfailing performance. The MK25 is a balanced piston first stage, our absolutetop performer. It is a superior regulator thanks to its ultra stable intermediate pressure resulting in an extremely punctual and constantly high delivery of air. This means instant airflow at any tank pressure and water temperature for a real carefree dive. Air balanced flow-through piston- First stages with air balanced pistons deliver significantly more air to the second stage than anyother first stage, while their performance is totally unaffected by the changing tank pressure. A balanced piston allows the use of lighter and more sensitive components, resulting in ultra fast breathing response, instant delivery of air on demand, and extra highair flow, especially in low tank pressure ranges. The tired diver benefits from a smoother breathing regulator during the ascent or deco stop. Balanced piston first stages are the first choice of demanding sport divers and professionals. A balanced piston performsequally in warm and cold water environments. Two opposite high pressure ports- The arrangement of high and low pressure hoses is crucial to diving comfort. Two opposite high pressure ports allow for an individual positioning of the first stage (pointing up or down). This allows the diver to position the gauges either on the right or left side and increases the freedom of movement for head and neck. Multiple low pressure ports- For ultimate freedom in the arrangement of low pressure hoses, the MK25 accommodates five HF (high flow) ports on a swiveling turret, which allows for 360 degree swivel of hoses. High flow ports deliver about 15% more air than conventional ports. Externally adjustable intermediate pressure- Allows authorized SCUBAPRO service technicians to quickly finetune and adjusts the first stage after maintenance without the need to disassemble it.

Cold Water Diving With SCUBAPRO-Diving conditions can be drastically different, including extreme cold water and outside temperatures, posing the possibility of a regulator "freezing" Therefore, resistance to freezing is imperative for the diver. All SCUBAPRO regulator systems are CE approved for 4300psi cold water diving. Some models go even beyond this super stringent qualification and have successfully been tested in extreme cold diving conditions at less than 36 F. As a specific anti-freezing measure, SCUBAPRO engineers have designed a patented finned cap for the MK25 first stages for optimal cold water diving. The ribs act as a radiator to increase the surface area of heat transfer from the water to warm up the internal parts that have been drastically cooled down by the gas pressure drop.

SCUBAPRO has once again raised the bar for regulator performance with the introduction of the A700 second stage. It is truly the crown jewel of the SCUBAPRO regulator line. The A700 delivers extraordinary breathing performance in a striking, precision-handcrafted, full metal design. Whatever your dive destination, the SCUBAPRO A700 lets you breathe effortlessly and naturally underwater for a lifetime of exceptional dive experiences.

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Key Features

  • High Performance in Warm and Cold Water (to 4300psi)
  • Air-Balanced Piston
  • HP Ports: 2
  • HF (high flow) Ports: 5
  • Unparalleled Breathing Performance
  • Full-Metal Body and Components
  • Compact dimensions for lightweight comfort
  • Air-Balanced Valve Technology
  • Decreases Inhalation Resistance
  • Diver-Adjustable Inhalation
  • Super High-Flow Exhaust Valve

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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