SCUBAPRO MK17/G260 Tactical Regulator

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About SCUBAPRO MK17/G260 Tactical Regulator

The SCUBAPRO MK17/G250 Tactical Regulator is the Ideal-System for Tech Divers and Cave Explorers, Perfect-for-Cold Waters and with Optimal Routing Options. The Mk17 First Stage Regulator is the perfect choice for the diver who wants the advantage of a Diaphragm First Stage for use in Temperate to Cold Waters. Diaphragm-Based First Stages are Environmentally-Sealed so that water cannot enter the inner mechanism. The Mk 17 also incorporates a Dry Ambient Pressure Chamber, providing better Performance in Cold Water than any other Diaphragm Regulator. Bearing in mind that Regulators Generate-Temperatures as low as minus 22°F (-5.5 °C) due to the incredibly fast moving air and the Pressure Drop involved, it is Imperative that Sensitive Moving Metal Parts Avoid-Contact with Extremely Cold Water or Debris. Therefore, Diaphragm First Stages have been the favored choice of Cold-Water Divers and those working in Contaminated or Muddy Water. SCUBAPRO Diaphragm First Stages feature Balanced Technology and are packed with patented features resulting in Ultra-Fast-Flow to the Second Stage on-demand and a Fantastic Overall-Performance.

The MK17 First Stage's Streamline Body is constructed of Machined Marine-Grade Chromed Brass. The MK17 has a Balanced Diaphragm to offer you peace of mind with its smooth breathing mechanisms and maximum performance that does not diminish as your tank's air pressure changes. This First Stage comes standard with the Thermal Insulating System (TIS), which keeps your First Stage from Freezing-Up and Malfunctioning in Cold Water Conditions. Additionally, its Over-Balanced Diaphragm First Stage Design gives you Better-Breathing-Performance at Greater-Depths. First-Stage Regulator is equipped with two HP and four LP Ports. Two of the LP Ports are High Flow Ports (HFP) for easier breathing on demanding dives.

The G260 is a new Balanced Adjustable Second Stage featuring Metal Components for Excellent Cold Water Resistance (Inlet Tube, Orifice, Inhalation Control Knob and Hose Connector). Its High Performance makes it a choice for all Demanding Divers and it will be the natural choice for G250 fans. The new Left-Right Hose Attachment Option makes it ideally suited for Tech Diving Configurations. The G260 Air Balanced Flow Valve is made from Durable Corrosion Resistant Chrome Plated Brass. The Regulator has a Diver Adjustable Inhalation Effort that allows Personalized Breathing Control and a Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) to prevents Free Flow in Cold Water or when used as an Octopus.

The G260 is equipped with a High Flow Exhaust Valve that Reduces Exhalation Effort for better Breathing Comfort. Regulator also has a High Comfort Orthodontic Mouthpiece. The Regulator comes equipped with a 3/8" Threaded Super-Flow Hose with Strong and Durable Kevlar Lining for Smooth Air Delivery. Precision Molded, Lightweight Components and Anti-Freeze Materials provide High Corrosion Resistance and Enhance Cold Water Performance. The Second Stage is equipped with a Super-Comfort High-Flow (HF) Mouthpiece. All these features produce the Highest Performance in any Conditions. The Regulator weighs 39.7 oz (1,124 g), comes with an Owner's Manual and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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