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About Scubapro MK11/C300 Regulator

New for 2011, our compact C300 System offers uncompromising breathing performance for avid recreational divers. The C300 second stage is lightweight and features an anti-scratch cover and premium diver adjustment control. The new MK11 is more compact and lightweight without affecting reliability or performance.

Two opposite high pressure ports- The arrangement of high and low pressure hoses is crucial to diving comfort. Two opposite high pressure ports allow for an individual positioning of the first stage (pointing up or down). This allows the diver to position the gauges either on the right or left side and increases the freedom of movement for head and neck.

Multiple low pressure ports. For ultimate freedom in the arrangement of low pressure hoses, the MK25 accommodates five HF (high flow) ports on a swiveling turret, which allows for 360 degree swivel of hoses. The MK17 and MK11 feature four stationary low pressure ports, two of them HF. High flow ports deliver about 15% more air than conventional ports.


The Optimal Flow Design valve (OFD) for reliable and high air flow, improving work of breathing compared to a downstream valve

Diver adjustable coaxial VIVA for powerful inhalation assistance and preventiono f free flow

Diver adjustable inhalation control for personalized breathing effort

Redesigned mouthpiece tube allows better exhaust airflow

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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