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About Scuba Pro Seawing Nova Full Foot Fins

This Full Foot Version has all the same Power, Acceleration, Maneuverability and Effortless Kicking Characteristics as Scuba Pro's award winning Adjustable Seawing Nova Fins. The new Full Foot Pocket is Extremely-Comfortable with Neoprene Socks or even without, and Ideal-in-all-Diving Situations. The Seawing Nova combines Classic SCUBAPRO Fin Technology with the Latest-Innovations in Hydrodynamic Design and Cutting-Edge Materials. This Fin has the Power, Acceleration and Maneuverability of a Paddle Fin with the Comfort, Efficiency and Effortless Speed of Split Fins.

The Seawing Nova brags of having an Articulated Joint, which will propel you through the water with Ease, Speed, Agility, and Amazing Comfort. What makes the Seawing Nova so amazing? First, it has Variable Blade Geometry; second, it has an Articulated Joint. What is an Articulated Joint? Think about how a Dolphin's Tail Moves as it swims; the Natural-Structure of the Tail bends as if it is on a hinge and provides the dolphin with Remarkable Power. The same science was applied during the development of the Seawing Nova. The Variable Blade Geometry brings us back to the Dolphin. As a dolphin's tail moves upward, the Tips-Bend Down a bit to make it More-Streamlined. The Seawing Nova's edges do the same thing as the diver's kick is on the upward swing. As the Foot-Moves-Downward, the Fin-Flattens-Out to create an amazing amount of Power and Thrust. The Articulated Joint allows the Blade-to-Pivot and the Entire-Blade is able to Generate Thrust. Pivot Control Technology ensures the Most-Efficient-Angle of Attack is Maintained No-Matter How-Hard-or-Softly you kick; Generating Thrust without Drag or Wasted-Energy.

The Seawing Nova Full Foot Fins are made using High-Tech Elastomer Monoprene Construction, which means they are Stronger and More-Flexible than you'll ever need them to be. Fin is available in Multiple-Sizes and is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

Scuba Pro Seawing Nova Full Foot Fins Features

  • Full Foot Version Adjustable Seawing Nova Fins
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Variable Blade Geometry
  • Articulated Mid-Point Joint "Like Dolphin's Tail"
  • Remarkable Power Design
  • Propel through Water with Ease, Speed, Agility, and Amazing Comfort
  • Amazing-Amount of Power and Thrust
  • Super-Ergonomic Foot Pocket
  • High-Tech Elastomer Monoprene Construction
  • Variable Pivot Control Ribs for Most Efficient Angle of Attack
  • Wing Tips Arc Upwards, Increasing High-Speed Stability
  • Classic SCUBAPRO Fin Technology with Latest Innovations in Hydrodynamic Design
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Excellent fin.


from Ashland, OH, US

Bought these before a Caribbean cruise where I'd be snorkeling every day. Worked perfectly. Very fast fin. I won't say they're the fastest, but they're up there. The way they bend 45 degrees and stay flat during the downstroke gives them a ton more thrust on the downstroke. It's unnoticeable. I never felt them flopping about or even thought about it until we watched our Go-pro footage and saw them working. If I dive down and switch to a longer strke with my legs they got even faster. At about 50% of my effort level, they move along much faster than my other fins. At 100% effort, they're slightly faster. So most of the time, I'm using a lot less effort to swim than others. Much faster than normal fins at light effort. At the end of each excursion, my legs felt like they could go another hour of swimming easy. Much less energy used up than my other fins. Size XL fits medium width size 13 feet perfectly.I wore no socks and they were comfortable for 1 hour swims. No pain on my failing knees, no muscle cramps either. They weigh less as well. A real fin that's as light as those pathetic cheapy fins and travel fins some people use. I carried these around on my back every day. I didn't have time to drop off my gear after excursions, just grabbed lunch back on the ship and then went swimming some more on the beach. So any shopping or eating I did during the day, I had these in my back pack and it wasn't a problem. Don't put them on, on the beach or boat. Jump in to the water and put them on while floating. Walking around on them in shallow water, or on a boat is a pain. If you bump a rock or something they fold under and trip you up. It's easier for big guys like me to fin up while floating weightless anyways. If you like to walk on fins in shallow water, skip the full foot ones and get the open heel version and some 5mm booties. If you do alot of beach entries the open heel version is better, easier on and off and no bare foot walking. Most of my snorkel tours were boat based. The beach based ones I just swam out to 4'+ deep water and then put them on. For a rocky beach like the Champagne Reef snorkel area in Dominica, 5mm booties and the open heel versions would be preferable. These fins have been improved since the 1st batch. New fins have slots on the bottom of the hinge, and a notch, not slots on the top of the hinge. So no more breakage. I expect these to last a long time. There blade is a bit stiffer with an insert and I think they improved the ribs a little as well. Scuba pro hit a home run with these. Not cheap, but nothing done right is.


sizing can be difficult to determine


I ended up going through XL, then M, to settle on the proper L size. Finding size charts for this item is difficult. I will try to summarize the fit chart here showing fin size and matching US sizes for an average width foot: Small: men 6-7; women 7-8 Med: men 8-9; women 9-10 Large: men 10-11; women 11-12 XL: men 12-13; women 13

Displaying reviews 1-2

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Questions & Answers Powered by TurnTo®

Questions about this item:

Shopper  I wear size 11 1/2 shoe. I tried on the Large Seawing Nova Full Foot Fins. Tight fit. OK on sides but big toe hits end. Will a neoprene sock with the larger fin solve my problem? I have seen 2.0 mil, 2.5 mil, and 3.0 mil socks.
Steve S  You can go up a size with a 3mm sock and it may work. The X-Large is for size 12-13.
AARON S  Hey there shopper, I too wear an 11.5 and went with the L fins. They were a tight fit for me out of the water, but once you get into the water they loosen up a bit, and its no problem. Also, like a regular shoe, the fins start to conform to your feet more and more, and become even more comfortable. If you tried them on in water and still think this, I cannot answer your question. Hope this helps, Aaron
LORI A  What is the length of these? I'm trying to find a pair of fins short enough that will fit in a carry on bag. Thank you!
DAVID P  I also own the Aeris Travel Fin which are an excellent dive and snorkel fin. They are 19.25 inches from heel to middle and 20.5 inches from heel to longest part of fin (corner).
DAVID P  Clarification on the comment above - Size Medium are 23 inches long. As another note, size medium is too large for a woman's size 9 foot with no boots or with just a swim sock (I would say barefoot/swimsock size medium would fit an 11/12 women's shoe size).
DAVID P  These fins are 23 inches long, from heel to the longest part of the toe (the middle), not including the little tab on the back.
MICHAEL M  The size small measure 22.5 inches
paul c  They are shorter than your average fin but if you buy an extra large or large it'll not fit in your carry on, maybe the xs.
R M  Size Large measure 24" long
LORI A  What are the dimensions for a size small?
DAVID P  Size Medium are 23 inches long. Size medium is too large for a woman's size 9 foot with no boots or with just a swim sock (I would say barefoot/swimsock size medium would fit an 11/12 women's shoe size). I need at least a small.
TAMARA M  I first bought a large, then a medium, now a small! I wear a woman's size 8.5, if that helps!
PAMELA Z  These are very BIG! I wear a size 6 1/2 in regular shoes and ordered the small in these fins. They were HUGE! Not even a bootie with them helped so I returned them.
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