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Seacure Custom Mouthpiece X Model


Seacure Custom Mouthpiece X Model Features

The SeaCure X-Type Moldable Mouthpiece is a unique, moldable device designed to fit your mouth, teeth, and jaw configuration precisely to provide maximum retention and control of your regulator. SeaCure was created by an orthodontist, to fit your mouth, teeth and gums perfectly. SeaCure offers custom comfort and eliminates the jaw fatigue sometimes experienced with conventional mouthpieces. It is the only moldable and re-moldable mouthpiece offset for both the upper and lower jaw positions.

Key Features

  • BETTER MOLDING -- The new X type design provides for better molding by engaging the teeth sooner. Better molding means a better fit and more comfort
  • MORE COMFORTABLE--The new X Type shape greatly reduces bulk, providing a lighteroverall more comfortable mouthpiece.
  • REDUCED GAGGING -- The new X Type is designed to especially reduce bulk by the tongue which significantly reduces gagging
  • IMPROVED AIRFLOW -- The molding attachment prevents over closure during molding.In over closure the overlapping front teeth will restrict air flow!
  • LESS MUSCLE FATIGUE -- muscle fatigue is reduced because the upper and lower sides of the mouthpiece are offset to match the natural relationship of the jaws, since the diver does not need to bring the lower jaw forward.
  • LESS FAILURE -- The X-Type is made in multiple sizes to allow for more material where the mouthpiece attaches to the regulator making it stronger and less prone to failure by tearing.
  • GUARANTEED TO FIT SeaCure is he only mouthpiece guaranteed to fit.