Subsalve Usa Enclosed Flotation Lift Bags (enclosed pillows)

Subsalve Usa Enclosed Flotation Lift Bags (enclosed pillows) Features

What's in the box: Subsalve Usa Enclosed Flotation Bag , 3/4" NPT inflation/deflation port , Equipped with brass quick disconnect for inflation , Pressure relief valves set to release at 2.5 psi above ambient pressure , Enough pressure relief valves are installed in each bag to allow expanding air to vent should a free ascent occur

SUBSALVE USA Enclosed Flotation Bags' totally-enclosed "pillow" shape allows the bag to be used in any position upright or flat, outside or inside of structures. There are a multitude of rigging combinations. Perfect for vessel salvage, automobile recovery and emergency Rotation systems for ships, aircraft, submersibles and ROVs

Key Features

  • Constructed of heavy-duty, ballistic-rated nylon fabric coated with urethane, this specially-coated fabric is High-strength
    Very resistant to abrasion
    Not affected by most petro-chemicals
    UV resistant
  • The EFB design incorporates a heavy nylon lift harness built into the body of the lift bag, and has a safe working ratio of 6:1.
  • All EFBs can be used with a single pick point with the shackle supplied on the bottom of the bag. EFBs can also be inverted to use the two stainless steel rings on the top of the bag with two pick points.
  • SUBSALVE USA Enclosed Flotation Bags leave our manufacturing facility equipped with all necessary hardware and are ready for immediate use.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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