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Sub Gear Sailfish Snorkel


Sub Gear Sailfish Snorkel Features

What's in the box: Sub Gear Sailfish Snorkel with Snorkel Keeper

Bright colors and a Semi-Dry Top design make the Sailfish a surefire winner. The Sailfish is an Excellent Flex Tube Snorkel for divers of any experience level. Contoured Barrel Reduces Drag and Water Resistance. The Sailfish has a Clear Silicone Lower Flex Tube and Mouthpiece. The Mouthpiece fits comfortably in your Mouth for hours of Snorkeling Fun. The Mouthpiece is also replaceable and can be removed easily when replacement is necessary. The Flexible Lower Tube makes the Sailfish perfect for Scuba by Automatically-Swinging Out-of-the-Way when you are using your Scuba Regulator.

The Semi-Dry Top prevents water from Wind Waves and Splash entering the Tube for Unobstructed Breathing at the Surface. The Reservoir Lower Mouthpiece Section with its One-Way Purge Valve makes Clearing the Snorkel Quick and Easy once you surface from a dive. The Adjustable Ratchet Mask Strap Retainer Clip will keep your Snorkel perfectly Adjusted and Ready-for-Use. Once you have completed your dive it also makes removal from the mask easy. The Sailfish Snorkel is available Multiple Colors and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Excellent Flex Tube Snorkel
  • Contoured Barrel Reduces Drag and Water Resistance
  • Clear Silicone Lower Flex Tube and Mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece Fits Comfortably Mouth
  • Replaceable Mouthpiece
  • Flex Tube Swings Snorkel Mouthpiece Out-of-You-Way on Scuba
  • One-Way Purge Valve Makes Clearing Snorkel Quick and Easy
  • Semi-Dry Top Splash Guard
  • Adjustable Ratchet Mask Strap Retainer Clip
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty