Sub Gear Cruise Snorkel

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About Sub Gear Cruise Snorkel

Enjoy some Luxurious Snorkeling with Sub Gear's Cruise Contoured Tube Semi-Dry Snorkel. The Cruise is great for both Snorkeling and Scuba with its Flexible Silicone Corrugated Lower Tube that drops-away from the diver's mouth when switching to the Scuba Regulator. The Semi-Dry Top helps Prevent Water Splash or Wind Waves and Spray from entering into the tube, making it easier to breathe when in the chop.

If water does enter the tube, the One-Way Purge Valve below the Mouthpiece makes clearing a breeze! If you're out on the water for hours of diving or snorkeling fun, you're going to love the Soft Removable Silicone Mouthpiece for its Comfort and Fit. The Sub Gear Cruise Snorkel is available in 5 Color Choices for easy Color Coordination with your Diving Outfit and is equipped with a Swivel Snorkel Keeper.

Sub Gear Cruise Snorkel Features

  • Sub Gear Cruise Snorkel
  • Semi-Dry Top Reduces Water Entry at Surface
  • Prevents Wind Chop and Spray from Entering Breathing Tube
  • Purge Valve for Easy Clearing of Residual Water
  • Silicone Rubber Flex Tube is Great for Scuba
  • Comfortable, Replaceable Silicone Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Ergonomic Contoured Tube
  • Great for Snorkeling or Scuba
  • Swivel Snorkel Keeper
  • 5 Color Choices

Sub Gear Cruise Snorkel Specifications

Flex Tube And Mouthpiece: Silicone Rubber
Purge Valve
Tube Style
Entry Style
Corrugated Lower Tube
Removable Mouthpiece
Available in the Following Colors:
Black, Blue, Clear, White, Yellow
Weight [with packaging]
0.4 lb
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