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About Reef Tourer Platina Full Foot Fins (RF 20)

The TUSA Sport Reef Tourer Full Foot snorkeling fin is the non-split version of TUSA's X-Pert Evolution. The Reef Tourer is a super thin, lightweight design ideal for snorkeling and travel, yet it generates maximum performance and comfort. Built with TUSA quality, the foot pocket is made with a soft, durable T.P.E. compound designed for comfort. Innovative hydrofoil design and hybrid rib produce greater forward motion (lift) both on the surface and underwater.

The Reef Tourer has a 20? Angled Blade Design for Maximum Efficiency and Propulsion. A standard flat fin inhibits propulsion solely by fault of design. An angle between the heel of the foot and the calf of the leg remains when the leg is extended to kick. This angle causes approximately 10% of the propulsion to be lost. The Angled Blade Design accommodates for this anatomical characteristic and ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle.

The fin has an Open-Toe Full Foot Pocket that provides Superb Comfort and Support for hours of snorkeling fun. The Multi-Flex Blade provides Powerful Propulsion while Reducing Fatigue. The Reef Tourer Platina Full Foot Fins come in Blue/Black is available in 6 sizes from X-Small to X-Large and is covered by TUSA's industry leading 3 year limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 36 months.
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