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About Princeton Tec NAV Light Pack, New

NAV Pack is Princeton Tec's no compromises light pack with the brightest dive lights they have to offer, plus two handy pieces of Gadget Gear. The Princeton Tec Sector 7 Pistol Grip Spotlight packs 700 Lumens of Brightness. The Light is powered by Eight C-Cell Alkaline Batteries (included) while providing 30-Hours of Total Burn Time with a 4-Hour Regulated Medium Beam with over 738' (225 meter) of Visible Distance. The Trigger Switch is Easy-to-Use with Gloved-Hands; Access Momentary-On via a Half-Pull of Trigger and Constant-On via Full Pull of Trigger. The Switch Locks-Out to Prevent-Accidental-Illumination and Battery-Drain while in Transit or Storage.

The Highest Quality LED available from LUMILEDS, Princeton Tec's MAXBRIGHT LED is Extremely Bright and Efficient. This Single LED Emits a Smooth, Powerful, and White-Light useful for a Wide-Range of Tasks. Princeton Tec uses Collimators or Reflectors with the MAXBRIGHT LED depending upon the application. The Sector 7 weighs 37.9oz (1075g) with batteries, is Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters).

The Torrent LED Dive Light was designed for the diver who wants high performance in a smaller package. With its Max-Bright LED, the Torrent LED is a small enough for looking into tiny crevices but has the power to be a primary dive light if needed. This 8 AA Cell Battery (included) dive light is excellent for local diving or for putting in your gear bag for vacation travel.

The durable LED bulb will last about 10,000 hours and will bring out the true colors of all your underwater adventures. The light produces 280 Lumens of Brightness with a Burn time of 30 Hours. Light comes equipped with an Adjustable Wrist Lanyard, is Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters) and weighs 12.87oz (365g) with batteries. For those who need a great backup, an efficient main source, or just all around great dive light, the Torrent LED is all of the above.

The ultra-light and ultra-bright Princeton Tec AMP 1 LED Flashlight with Cone to clearly see everything on your adventurous outdoor trip. This tiny flashlight packs a 45 lumen LED. With a large carabineer loop, this handheld light can hang off of a gear loop on your pack or inside your tent. The light is waterproof to 330' (100 meters), Amp 1 LED is also at home clipped to your dive gear. Amp 1 LED comes with a snap on cone to convert your flashlight into a marker light just in case.

Powered by 2 included AAA alkaline batteries, with a burn time of 72 hours on a set of batteries, and weighing only 2oz (57g), the AMP 1 LED Flashlight won't take up much room or drag you down with excess weight. The carabineer loop also doubles as a bottle opener for your favorite cold beverages. Hold it all together with a Mini Retractor to secure your console or small lights, and a Coil Lanyard for large lights or heavier gear. The Lights are available in multiple colors and come with an Owner Manuals and a limited lifetime warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
(609) 298-9331

Princeton Tec NAV Light Pack, New Features

  • Complete Light Package
  • No Compromises Light Pack with Princeton's Brightest Dive Lights
  • 3 Light Set with Mini Retractor and Coil Lanyard
  • Includes Batteries for All 3 Lights
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manuals
  • Waterproof Depth Rating: 330' (100 meters)
  • Durable Non-Corrosive Plastic Construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Princeton Tec 700 Lumens Sector 7 LED Light:
  • Pistol Grip Spotlight
  • 700 Lumens of Brightness
  • Power: Eight C-Cell Alkaline Batteries
  • Burn Time: 30-Hours Total Burn Time with 4-Hour Regulated Medium Beam
  • Light Visible Distance: 738' (225 meter)
  • Easy-to-Use Trigger Switch:
    Access Momentary-On via a Half-Pull of Trigger
    Constant-On via Full Pull of Trigger
    Switch Locks-Out: Prevent-Accidental-Illumination & Battery-Drain in Transit or Storage
    Easy-to-Use with Gloved-Hands
  • Highest Quality LED: MAXBRIGHT LED, Extremely Bright and Efficient
  • Single LED Emits Smooth, Powerful & White-Light Useful for Wide-Range of Tasks
  • Weight (with Batteries): 37.9oz (1075g)
  • 280 Lumens Torrent LED Dive Light:
  • Lamp: 1 Max-Bright LED
  • Burn Time: 30 Hours
  • Batteries: 8 AA Alkaline (Included)
  • Great Back-Up or Primary Dive Light
  • Small and Compact Design
  • Weight: 12.87oz (365g) with Batteries
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • LED Life: 10,000 Hours
  • AMP 1 LED Flashlight with Cone:
  • Tiny 1 AMP LED Flashlight
  • 45-Lumen LED
  • Lightweight: 2oz (57g)
  • Large Carabineer Loop Attachment Point
  • Carabineer Loop Doubles as Bottle Opener
  • Great Dive Back-Up Light, Camp Light or Signal Light
  • Powered by 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries (Included)
  • 72 Hour Burn Time
  • Snap-On Cone Included

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