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About Princeton Tec, Adventure Pack

The Adventure Pack is perfect for those who won't settle for anything less than the best. The Adventure Pack includes Princeton Tec's most popular primary light the Shockwave II, the new innovative Impact XL LED light and a Sea Star personal locator light. Also included are two pieces of Princeton Tec Gadget Gear, a Coil Lanyard and Mini Retractor, both are perfect to keep your lights and other dive accessories attached to your BC when not in use.

Shockwave II
Power up from 7.5-watts to 15-watts of power with the flip of a switch. The Shockwave II was designed with the ever-changing light output requirements of diving in mind and offers divers the flexibility of choosing the required amount of light for every aspect of their dives. The economical 7.5-watt output mode burns for up to 10 hours and provides plenty of light for most diving conditions. For those really dark nights, wreck diving, and looking into deep, dark crevices simply flip the switch to the screaming bright 15-watt output mode.

All this is possible because of Princeton Tec's innovative dual filament multi-output Xenon bulb system that eliminates the need for two bulbs and performing the complex task of switching to an alternate bulb filament in the event the filament in use burns out. The extreme versatility and reliability of the Shockwave II is sure to satisfy your every need and it will be there when you need it most. The Shockwave II gives 205 Lumens of Brightness and has a Burn Time of 10 Hours. Light takes 8-C Cell Alkaline Batteries (included), is Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters) and weighs 26 oz (737 g) with batteries.

Sea Star
The Sea Star is a must for all night and low-visibility dives; it is Princeton Tec's newest 360-degree personal locator light. It offers the highest power-to-weight ratio of any light in its class. The Sea Star comes complete with 2 x AAA alkaline batteries, has a Burn Time of 500 Hours, 10 Lumens of Brightness from a single LED Lamp and weighs 1.48 0z (42 g) with batteries.

The Impact XL is the finest 4 "AA" cell L.E.D. light to ever grace the market. Weighing in at 6.95 oz (197 g) with batteries and offering waterproof integrity to 330' (100 meters), the IMPACT XL utilizes a 1-watt L.E.D., which is one of the most powerful L.E.D. sources in the world. The light output of the Impact XL is significantly greater than competing 1-watt xenon and halogen bulbs and it produces a truer, whiter light than many other L.E.D. and incandescent flashlights on the market. The innovative rubber over molded grip ensures that you'll be able to securely hold the light, even under the most demanding circumstances. With a bulb life rating of 10,000 hours (up to 70 hours of useful light) and its rugged impact-resistant design, the Impact XL is sure to be reliable when you need it. The Impact XL gives 65 Lumens of Brightness, with a 50 Hour Burn Time on a set of batteries. All three lights come equipped with Wrist Lanyards.

The Princeton Tec, Adventure Pack is commonly used for Close-Up Viewing, Night Diving, Professional, Recreational, Safety Backup and more. The Princeton Tec, Adventure Pack is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver, Recreational Diver among others. The Princeton Tec, Adventure Pack is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Princeton Tec, Adventure Pack: Compact, High Intensity, Long Bulb Life, Reliable, Well-Focused.

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