Poseidon Xstream Duration Regulator, Green (does not include hose)


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About Poseidon Xstream Duration Regulator, Green (does not include hose)

A first stage's optimal air flow and integrity are must-have features for any diver, and are even more important to extreme divers To meet these specifications, the number of gaskets and o-rings in the Xstream has been minimized to the lowest possible number In the heart of the construction is a ball made of stainless steel that eliminates the most common problem - high-pressure valve leaks Another advantage of the ball is that it can never be dislodged and the numbers of risk factors (such as misalignment, wearing out, and other construction tolerances) that can lead to leakage are excluded

The principle for the world's most robust valve is built on the ability for the gas mixture to flow at a high speed and in the straightest possible path through the regulator, which creates the maximum gas delivery To also achieve air tightness, the new patent-pending construction contains a steel ball as the seal This innovative idea eliminates all potential HP leak problems that exist in conventional valve design

The Xstream regulator is also self-balancing, which gives the same high performance irrespective of the pressure in the cylinder When the seat is moved upwards by the high pressure, the design causes the upper pressure spring to compress and exactly self-balance the powers of the pressure Xstream also has built in anti-freeze protection TDA (Thermo Dynamic Antifreeze) ensures that the through-flowing water keeps the ice away without fluids or extra diaphragms The first stage has 1 HP port and 2 LP ports

SECOND STAGE The Xstream second stage has a proven construction and a number of newly developed characteristics The inner volume is small, which minimizes the build up of carbon dioxide At inhale and exhale, the resistance is minimal, for example 0 07 Joule at inhale at 150 meters (approximately 495 feet) depth An easily removable cover protects the exhalation diaphragm The diaphragm's position on the second stage also prevents flowing water from finding its way into the valve

Xstream Duration was designed for divers who spend long periods of time underwater Up to 50% oxygen can be used in the Duration; it is considered to be O4-safe - Oxygen engineered, Oxygen compatible, Oxygen clean, Oxygen approved, hence the color-coding green for Nitrox in both the first and the second stages The Duration offers in two design options, one with the wheel side-mounted and the other with the wheel mounted in the bottom Choose the design that fits your personal configuration The number of outlets is minimized to two for maximum safety The LP-hose for the regulator is offered in a range of lengths The second stage is equipped with neck-straps

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