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Poseidon Cyklon Octopus

Poseidon Cyklon Octopus Features

What's in the box: Poseidon Cyklon Octopus with LP Hose and User Guide

The Poseidon Cyklon Octopus is an Extremely High Performance Octopus Second Stage Regulator that will meet the demands of the most Extreme Diving Conditions Octopus is approved to EN250 Cold Water Standard The Cyklon Octopus is a Dependable Downstream Demand Valve design As an Octopus the Cyklon with its Non-Keyed Design Side Exhaust Valve System allows the Regulator to be breathed from Right-Side-Up or Upside-Down without Leaking in Water as with a Traditional Second Stage design, this feature is Extremely Desirable in an Out-of-Air Emergency Situation

The Cyklon Octopus has a Bright Yellow Purge Cover and Housing for Easy-Identification The Regulator has a Durable Plastic Housing with Chrome Plated Brass and Stainless Steel Internal Mechanism The Regulators Soft Components are Rubber, ASA and Silicone Regulator comes with 38" (90 cm) long 3/8" Threaded Hose, weighs approximately 7 oz (200 g), User Guide and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty

Key Features

  • Extremely High Performance Octopus
  • Meets Demands of Most Extreme Diving Conditions
  • Dependable Downstream Demand Valve
  • Non-Keyed Design Side Exhaust Valve System
  • Breathed from Right-Side-Up or Upside-Down Without Leaking in Water
  • Extremely Desirable Design in Out-of-Air Emergency Situation
  • Bright Yellow Purge Housing for Easy-Identification
  • Durable Plastic Housing
  • Chrome Plated Brass and Stainless Steel Internal Mechanism
  • Soft Components: Rubber, ASA and Silicone
  • 3/8" Threaded 38" (90 cm) Hose
  • Weight: 7 oz (200 g) w/o Hose
  • User Guide
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty