Poseidon Atmosphere Mask M with 2nd Stage

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About Poseidon Atmosphere Mask M with 2nd Stage

The Poseidon Atmosphere Full-Face Mask M with the Poseidon Jet-Stream Second Stage Regulator is the choice for Professional and Cold Water Diving. The Perfectly Fitting Atmosphere Full-Face Mask Protects your Face from the Cold. Mask can have Communication Equipment Install to talk with your buddy during dives. As an Overpressure Mask it also allows you to Dive Contaminated Water without getting Dirty Water on your Face. For Optimum Performance, the Atmosphere should be connected to an Xstream 1st Stage Regulator. Mask is equipped with a Highly Effective Defogging System and has an Anti-Distortion Visor.

The Jet-Stream Second Stage is a High-Flow Design providing 63 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) Flow of Gas (1,800 liters per minute). The Regulator uses an Upstream Servo-Valve Design with a Safety Valve Opening Pressure of 261 +/- 14 psi (18 +/- 1 bar) Relief Pressure. The Second Stage is has a Durable PVC Housing with Brass, Stainless Steel Mechanism and Rubber Parts. The Regulator has an Automatic Venturi Assist and Inhalation Control.

The Atmosphere Mask M and Head Strap is manufactured from Black Silicone with a Polycarbonate Visor. The Head Strap is a Full Adjustable 5 Point Spider and the Mask has a Double Feathered Edge Seal. The Head Strap and Feathered Edge Seal combine for a Perfect Fit on the Face. The Visor is frosted to avoid Distortion and Reflections. The Atmosphere Mask M with 2nd Stage Regulator comes with an Owner's Manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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