Pelican Traffic Wand for M6 Flashlight

Pelican Traffic Wand for M6 Flashlight

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Pelican Traffic Wand for M6 Flashlight Features

Introducing the Pelican 2322 Wands, which fit the M6 (2320) or M6 LED (2330 or 2390) These traffic wands are an ideal accessory for your Pelican torch, can be used at accident scenes to warn others of the danger or to redirect traffic if required Visually they offer a bright cone of color

No complicated installation- just slip the wand onto the end of your Pelican flashlight when necessary, or remove it when you need your flashlight's white beam again Available colors in Orange and Yellow

Fits Pelican flashlights:
M1 2130 LED
M6 2320 Lithium
M6 2330 LED
MityLite 2420
M3 2370 LED
M6 3W 2390 LED
M3 3370

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
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