Pinnacle Merino-Elastiprene 3mm Jumpsuit Womens

Pinnacle Merino-Elastiprene 3mm Jumpsuit Womens Features

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The Merino-Elastiprene 3 is truly the most comfortable wetsuit ever made, but it is so much more than that This 3mm Merino-lined wetsuit is so flexible that it can stretch to incredible lengths, making it easy to don and doff, and also allowing it to accommodate a diver's weight change and/or various layering techniques Once on, the suit is so comfortable that it feels nearly as though it has disappeared The "M-E 3" is also the first high-stretch 3mm suit to incorporate Pinnacle's exclusive Merino lining system, the patented material that adds warmth to a suit, allows it to slide on more easily and dry faster, and reduces wetsuit odors The Merino-Elastiprene 3 is the most comfortable suit that you can have, yet it is warmer and more durable than any 3mm suit that you've ever worn The "M-E 3", though light an flexible enough for tropical diving, is built with all the features that go intoPinnacle's famous cold-water suits Like all Pinnacle products, the M-E 3 is designed and constructed to hold up to even the harshest conditions This suit is the obvious choice for any diver seeking the ultimate in warmth, durability, and comfort

Key Features

  • 1 piece jumpsuit design
  • 3mm titanium lined Elastiprene neoprene throughout
  • 2nd generation of Elastiprene is both stretchier and warmer than the original
  • Elastiprene's advanced stretch characteristics make donning simple, yet it is resilient enough to provide tremendous warmth
  • Elastiprene's exterior linings are resists snags and pulls from Velcroˆ, kelp, etc.
  • Pinnacle's patented Merinoˆ lining throughout the suit make this the warmest stretch suit ever
  • 10mm thick spine pad protects back and reduces internal water movement
  • Spine pad is lined with nylon flap to aid zipper movement
  • Roll neck collar allows freedom of movement without breaking the neck seal
  • Heavy-duty Kevlarˆ kneepads
  • Molded rubber shoulder pads protect diver and suit
  • 8" gusseted ankle zippers with smoothskin sealing surfaces
  • O-ring wrist seals
  • Marine grade brass main zipper slider and pull
  • All seams double glued and blind stitched with reinforcing stress disks at all seam intersections

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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