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About Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin Men's Full-Suit

The new Inferno is the latest innovation from Pinnacle; it separates the thermal component out of the wetsuit so that it can be used in any water sports activity. The Inferno V-Skin Full-Suit is Constructed using a Tri-Laminate Material with various Thermal Linings inside, High Stretch Lycra outside and a Breathable Membrane between that adds Warmth without Buoyancy while Underwater and Wind Resistance Above. Pinnacle has placed new 320 gram (11.29 oz) Merino Fleece in the Chest and Traditional Merino Lining in the Back and Sides to provide Unprecedented Warmth in the Core. The Inferno V-Skin Suit has Bi-Laminate Merino Lined Material Under-Arms and is 100% Breathable to Prevent Overheating when Out-of the-Water. All Seams are Flat-Lock Stitched for Strength, Durability and won't leave marks on the skin like other seam construction.

Pinnacle's Patented Merino Lining is the most Natural yet Innovative, truly Unique but often imitated, Thinnest yet Most Effective, and quite simply the Best Lining System ever developed for the aquatic environment! Scientific Laboratory Testing has found that Merino Lining is 35% more Thermally-Effective than Traditional Linings. Under the new CE Testing Guidelines Pinnacle's Merino Lining achieves the highest possible ratings for Insulation Effectiveness. Softer more Comfortable, Slides on Easier Wet or Dry, is Exothermic, Faster Drying and more Hygienic than other Lining Materials, Merino is the only choices for the serious Water-Sports Enthusiast.

The Inferno V-Skin Suit has a Removable Shoulder Closure that allows you to attach a V-Skin Collar, V-Skin Merino Hood or 5 mm Merino Hood depending on your preferred use. Technical Fleece in the Arms and Legs allows the Warm Water Created by the Core to Easily Transfer-Around the Suit. Thumb and Heel Loops keep suit in place when donning but also allows Warm Water to Circulate through Gloves and Boots keeping your Extremities Warm. Chest Overprint improves Water Runoff and Wind Resistance in the front. The Full-Suit is available in 10 sizes from Small to 2 King and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin Men's Full-Suit Features

  • Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin Men's Full-Suit
  • Latest Innovation from Pinnacle
  • Separates Thermal Component out of Wetsuit
  • Tri-Laminate Material with Various Thermal Linings
  • Outside: High Stretch Lycra
  • Lining: Bi-Laminate Merino
  • Breathable Membrane: Adds Warmth w/o Buoyancy Underwater
  • Breathable Membrane: Wind Resistance above Water
  • 320 gram (11.29 oz) Merino Fleece in the Chest
  • Traditional Merino Lining in the Back and Sides
  • Unprecedented Warmth in the Core
  • Bi-Laminate Merino Lined Material Under-Arms and is 100% Breathable to Prevent Overheating when Out-of the-Water
  • Seams: Flat-Lock Stitched for Strength & Durability
  • Seams: Won't Leave Marks On Skin like other Seam Stitching
  • Pinnacle's Patented Merino Lining is Most Natural, Innovative, Thinnest yet Most Effective Lining
  • Lining is Scientific Laboratory Tested: Merino Lining is 35% more Thermally-Effective than Traditional Linings
  • New CE Testing Guidelines: Pinnacle's Merino Lining Achieves Highest Ratings for Insulation Effectiveness
  • Softer More Comfortable, Slides on Easier Wet or Dry
  • Exothermic, Faster Drying, More Hygienic than other Lining Materials
  • Choices of Serious Water-Sports Enthusiast
  • Removable Zippered Shoulder Closure
  • Closure Allows: Attachment of V-Skin Collar, V-Skin Merino Hood or 5 mm Merino Hood
  • Technical Fleece in the Arms and Legs
  • Technical Fleece: Warm Water Created by Core Easily Transfer-Around the Suit
  • Thumb and Heel Loops Keep Suit in Place
  • Thumb and Heel Loops: Allows Warm Water to Circulate to Gloves and Boots
  • Thumb and Heel Loops: Keep Extremities Warm
  • Chest Overprint Improves Water Runoff and Wind Resistance
  • 10 Sizes: Small to 2 King
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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from San Jose, CR , CR



Cannot be put on or off by yourself requires another person


As always Leisure Pro excells


Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin is a great suit


I used this suit while diving in a Florida spring where the temperature is a constant 72 degrees F. I was a bit cool at first, but acclimated soon after the start of the dive. However, I think repeated dives in the same day would have left me chilled. Diving in 78 degree water in Florida, the suit was perfect...even during a 2 hour dive. Diving in the Philippines, where the water was in the low 80's, I never got chilled in the least, even when doing 4 dives per day. When dry the suit goes on pretty easily; when wet, not so much. I found the suit took a while to dry (longer than a wetsuit of comparable thickness), primarily because the Merino wool material held water. The suit fits well...that is, it doesn't fit as tightly as a wetsuit and gives you a little more room to move. Overall, it is a great suit.

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Questions about this item:

Billy T  I plan to do dive in a 65-72 degree, would this suit keep the chills away or should I wear I under another wetsuit?
Russell P  I would go to a 7mm suit for that temp. It really depends on how long you plan to dive and/or repetitive dives. You should also look int a hood and gloves
Frank L  Depends on the individual. Possibly a little light for most people.
JOHN T  How do you get into and out of this suit? One review I found said "This suit is like a giant balloon, and you climb in though the neck! This is much stretchier than the Lavacore and fits better. After you stick your legs in, the arms go in and finally, the suit wraps around the shoulders for a complete burrito wrap feeling." That sounds hard! Is it something you can do easily 4 times a day on a liveaboard? What about when you need to pee?! Thanks.
Mathieu V  Well... there is no "zipper" to open or close in order to get in and out of the suit. So, that could be considered "cool", since you don't need to reach in the back, and have someone help you. Technically, it opens real wide at the shoulders, a bit like a "V" overlap from both sides. In order to "plug" that wide opening, you have flip a collar piece (coming with the V-Skin, as on picture) or you flip an optional full "hood" for the head. As far as using it on a liveabord 4 times a day... it really depends on age, shape and flexibility! lol.. I don't see it as any worse than any other wet suit. If anything, it slips easier because of the two-layer material. I am 48 and weight 180lbs and have used it as sole protection for my liveabord in Turks 4 weeks ago! You sort of see it in this video ( youtube /watch?v=lWiFaw_6gPA) at 1:03 and 2:05. Hope this helped. If you want more details or pictures, contact me direct at Matthieu.Vanasse1 at gmail
BRIAN H  John T. : The whole collar with shoulder area is a single piece ! It is offered as a snug collar or a hood unit , both attach via velcro strip . When you open the collar , you don the suit by pulling it on pretty much like a chest zip suit , but because it is so light and stretchy, it is very easy to slide into / drop it down quickly for when the urge hits you ! After pulling it all up to shoulder height , you flip the shoulder / collar section over your head, pull the collar / hood down over, and fasten the front to the chest anchor / closer . I
JAY C  Hi John, I've just completed a weeks diving with the inferno suit. When I initially tried it on at home, it felt quite tight and unyielding, the hardest part is getting the suits shoulders on. Having a buddy help solved that issue. I was happy I got a snug fit, as once in the water, the fit was just right, keeping me pretty warm in 80F waters for two consecutive dives, with an hour surface interval. Once the suit wet, I wouldn't recommend taking it off, as the fleece doesn't really slide on the skin well. I often just peed in the suit, flushing some water down afterwards. It's a matter of preference ... A neoprene suit might be easier to slip on and off, but the true advantage of this suit is its zero bouyancy, which makes for effortless dives.
Shopper  Would this skin help my wetsuit to slide on easier?
Michael C  This particular suit is more meant to be warn by itself. If you are looking for a skin suit to help get your wetsuit on more easily, try this one:!1
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