Pinnacle 7mm Hood

Pinnacle 7mm Hood Features

Pinnacle's 7mm Hood is constructed to keep a diver's head warm and comfortable while diving in very cold waters. Hood is constructed from 7mm titanium lined neoprene throughout the hood and neck areas, has a large bib that tucks into wetsuit for a better seal and greater warmth, smooth-skin outer surface on bib creates seal against wetsuit, keeping water out, and 3mm face seal with smooth-skin seal. The face seal can be trimmed to any desired size; automatic vents allow air to escape as necessary from the top of the hood while restricting water to re-enter. Hood is equipped with reflective rear pattern for instant recognition and safety.

Key Features

  • 7mm titanium lined neoprene throughout the hood and neck areas
  • 3mm smoothskin face seal keeps water out
  • Face seal is fully glued and taped to be trimmable to any point, allowing a custom fit
  • Now made with Elastiprene neoprene for greater comfort and ease of donning
  • Non direct vents allow air to escape without letting water flow in freely

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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