Pinnacle Escape 3mm Farmer John ONLY Mens, Black/Royal Blue

Pinnacle Escape 3mm Farmer John ONLY Mens, Black/Royal Blue Features

What's in the box: Pinnacle Escape 3mm Farmer John Mens

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The Escape 3 John can be used with the Escape 3 Jacket as a two-piece 3mm wetsuit system that is rugged, durable, warm, and economical Either the Jacket or the Farmer John can be used as a stand-alone item when the water warms or for water sports activities Constructed from 3mm Titanium Lined Neoprene and Internal Smooth-Skin Sealing Surfaces, with Spine Pad make this an extremely warm 3mm suit If Durability is what you are looking for suit has Heavy Duty Rough-Skin Kneepads, Marine Grade Brass Zippers and all Seams are Double-Glued and Blind Stitched with reinforced Stress Disks at all Seam Intersections

Key Features

  • John is constructed from full 3mm titanium lined neoprene throughout, giving you 6mm in the torso when combined with the Jacket
  • Male farmer john is overall design with internal smoothskin sealing surface
  • Farmer John includes spine pad
  • Heavy-duty roughskin kneepads
  • 8" gusseted ankle zippers with smoothskin sealing surface
  • Marine grade brass zipper sliders and pulls
  • All seams Double-glued and blind stitched with reinforcing stress disks at all seam intersections

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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